Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


So I'm listening to a Radio, a song comes up that I want to add to a playlist, I click on teh album art and select add to playlist select the playlist then BAM music stops, dissapears. I'm rocking a W7 with plenty of memory (8core) NO reason for it to crash.


Also went to play Que to add the song Still crashes


If you can help it would be appreciated cause I'm getting angry.


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Crashing for me too when adding songs to playlist.  Real bad the last 2-3 days.  Vista sp2 fully updated, spotify version

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I have been having the same problrm for the past few days now and its becoming really annoying. I use Spotify at my work computer and I thought it was because I updated one of my programs (Photoshop). Tried reinstalling and following every step Spotify gives on thier support page but keeps crashing after I delete a few songs from a playlist or sometimes it crashes after deleting one song. 


I then tried deleting a few songs from a playlist on my home computer today and boom. Spotify crashes on me! AGGGHHH!!! Thats when I knew that its Spotify itself. You guys need to fix this because its getting really annoying to the point where I almost want to cancel my subscription. Please get the ball rolling on this bug.


I have been using both the delete button on my keyboard and right clicking on a song and it still crahses. I even went as far as trying to a song from the web application while the Spotify program is running and even that made the Spotify program crash. I dont even know what to do now. I have run out of ideas. 


I am deleting from a playlist that is on the first slot of the playlist section and is listed as "Check This Out". From this playlist I check out new music and I move songs to other playlists and then delete them. But when I delete a few songs Spotify dies on me. 


I am running Version on a Mac w/ OS X Lion 10.7.5


mine crashes on a windows 8 laptop and a windows 7 desktop so i know that it is not the operating system or the computer.  It crashes 1 out of three times that i drag and drop a song into a playlist, also when i log back in the song that i was dragging into the playlist is not there.  it also crashes 1 out of hree times when i delete a song from a playlist.  Please fix this if possible it becomes useless to build a playlist because i have to log in every 5 minutes.




Same problem here, since 1-2 days Crash after adding something to a playlist. Not only at my pc, also on a second one with the same account. Please fix this fast...Spotify gets more or less useless (i am in the testing phase)

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As of today, I have this problem too. Yesterday, Spotify worked fine for me, but today it consistently crashes every time I attempt to add a track (any track) to a playlist by right-clicking or by drag and drop.


OS. Windows 7 64-bit.



same problem here

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Hi everyone


I am experiencing the same problem.  Massively frustrating especially when you are paying for premium.  Has anyone had an answer from Spotify?



This is getting really frustrating. I'm so tired of having to restart Spotify every time I'm deleting a track. I'm trying to sort through my playlists and that requires a lot of track deleting.


Can somebody fix this already?

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No, they don't care.

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I believe they actually really care about this problem, seen as a lot of people is experiencing this problem(including myself), but since they can't find a solution to what is causing the problem/how to fix it, they can't really post anything that can fix the problem. Be patient, I'd like to see yourself fix the problem with your attitude.



Operating System:

Windows 7 Home Premium


Spotify Client Version:


The track and how you where adding it to a playlist when the crash happened:

It doesnt matter which track you are trying to add, it happens with every track I've been trying to add. Using the simple "click'n'drag" method.



This happens to me pretty much every time I add a song to a playlist (I don't listen to radio, I usually just search for the artist and add the song from there), started two days ago I think. Please fix this!

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Spotify Version:

The track I was adding: Gravity by Nico Vega

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This has started happening to me over the last 2-3 days. I've tried reinstalling it without any success.


I can delete a song from a playlist once, but the second time it is guranteed to crash. I sort through a lot of a playlists so this is really frustrating. 




I'm searching for an artist and when i want to add one of their songs to my playlist spotify is immediatly gone without an error message.

The next time i open Spotify, the song isn't even there and i have to search for it again. I don't know what's causing this.


Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit


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I have the same issue. Just is not with every song I add to playlist. But it's annoying Spotify closing every 2 song I try to add to playlist. No App crash information, just closes spotify.


With my iPhone and iPad have de same issue, but here every song I try to add to playlist closes the app.



Spotify version:

Windows Version: Windows 8 Pro x64



iPhone 5

iOS: 6.1.4

Spotify Version:


iPad 4g

iOS: 6.1.3

Spotify Version:



I try drag and pop up menu methods to add songs, both the same result, Spotify closes.



Sorry for my English.




Same problem here!

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To add to my previous post, this (highly annoying) issue also applies to deleting tracks from a playlist, ie the Spotify client will crash abruptly without any error messages when you add tracks to a playlist and also when you delete them.


Come on, guys. Fix this.


I'm having this problem too:



OS: Windows 8 64-bit Pro


Hey, this was the closest I got to my problem.

Everytime I add a song from either radio or just a random search spotify just shuts down and I have to restart spotify. It lets me add a song within the first 5 minutes or whatever that I have it open but if I wait any longer it just closes automatically as soon as I try to add a song to a playlist. 

Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
I run Windows 7 professional 64bit
and I'm using version
premium of course

Would love some help to fix this as it's getting quite annoying

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Lots of folk are having this issue. Spotify are aware and will surely post as soon as they have a fix. For the moment, it's probably best not to add or remove tracks in the desktop client.


Having the same problem. It crashes wether I try to add a song to a playlist, or delete, wether I use the delete-button or right-click. Seems fine once I start it up again, but since someone wrote it's only fine within 5 minutes of restart, I don't know yet if that applies to me or not. It does resume play from where my current song was playing though, but no change to the playlist.


Using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Spotify version: