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Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11


Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11



Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

When I maximize Spotify there's a thin gap left over at the bottom which is slightly annoying. You can see it just slightly above the Windows taskbar.



89 Replies

Wow guys, you just released an UI update and still haven't bothered to fix this stupid issue. Truly baffling.

Seriously, new UI and still no fix for this issue. 
We need this fixed 

I work in a tech company, so I get the "won't fix"/"not relevant enough" status this issue has with your devs.


BUT let me tell you taht this is NOT a small/irrelevant fix. It's **bleep**ing mindboggling and as "unimportant" as it seems, I actually prefer not to **bleep**ing use Spotify at the moment. Please fix this BS asap, especially after you left it out of the UI update! (Which was plain stupid, seeing how it only antagonized the community, but hey, that's nothing new for you, either.)

How is this still an issue? Its october 22 and the first time this was reported is over a yeear ago...This seems like it would be a very easy fix. Spotify is also the only application with this problem.

still after all these months no word of an update to fix this. i'm still having the issue and it is very annoying

I have the same issue on windows 11 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Please fix this issue. It's not a complicated bug.

Dang bro. How big is your screen. I'm kinda jelly.

Happen on me with both 1080 and 1440 on windows 11.
Nowadays it's become even more common to have 2k,4k, or widescreen resolution.
saying 1080p as standard is no longer relevant in 2022.


not sure if this can be attributed to driver problem, as it persist using both intel igpu and nvidia (no amount of driver updates solve this.)
And it's already more than a year with no fix. 

Still appears to be an issue. Same here 1920x1080




Still an issue for me, infuriating that they haven't fixed it after this long.

I am also having this issue, I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 years since this was originally reported and there is still no fix.

So can we expect a fix within 5 years maybe? Thats usually how long it takes Spotify to address issues like this. Issues they treat as "minor" but like someone else said, I prefer not using Spotify at the moment just because of the way they address stuff like this..

Get your tech team together and set a deadline, it shouldnt take more than a month to prepare the fix and incorporate it in a bigger update that is planned.

New year since 25 days and this problem still exists, it's a disgrace

Marked as solution

Woohoo 🎉

Finally this issue seems to have been fixed in version


Only took since 2018 to get it properly fixed. Now let's just hope this fix is permanent this time around.

How did you get that version? Mine is updated to the latest and I'm on

mee to, same version and there is still this issue

It's already 2023 and even those who have 16:9 aspect ratio monitor has this therefore that is a common resolution.

Regardless, this topic is already 2 years past and the problem has not been fixed yet. Hopefully you guys will pay attention to this annoying gap soon. Using Windows 11 at 3440x1440 resolution (21:9).


How???? still on here 😞

Apparently the 1.2.4 version I got which fixes this is part of the long-forgotten beta branch. Should hopefully roll out publicly soon.

update your spotify, they finally fixed this bug (despite being 2 years late)

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