Spotify is unresponsive and using too much of my CPU


Spotify is unresponsive and using too much of my CPU

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I have an intel i7-6700k, 16gb of ram, and gtx 1080ti

Operating System

Windows 10


The problem I am having is that I will be listening to Spotify and it will suddenly slow down. I won't be able to search anything, add songs to queau, pause a song, skip the song, etc. After this issue persisted, I checked task manager and Spotify was using more than 25% of my beefy cpu. The cpu is more than enough to run spotify. It offers me no troubles when I am playing games or other activities. The app is running like trash. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it numerous times. I have downloaded it on my ssd and on my hard drive, with the problem occurring on both. My wifi connection is not the problem, as I have tried switching my wifi. I don't know what else to do, so if anyone has some advice, please drop it below. Also, I am not connected to facebook, turning friend activity off doesn't work, and neither does turning off allowing friends to see my activity. I also have hardware acceleration off, as someone offered that as a fix. 


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Note: my cpu is not running hot, as it is usually around 30 to 40 C


**Also** The problem is not constant. It works for a little bit, then stops, and repeats. When it is working fine the usage is usually around .1% or .2%