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Spotify not loading/super slow (Windows 10)

Spotify not loading/super slow (Windows 10)




The Netherlands


HP Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


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Nothing is loading in the spotify program. I can't play any songs or open playlists. I have this issue 3 days now, and I'm starting to get fed up with these problems. I tried deleting it and re-installing it, but that doesn't work. 


So my question is, how can I fix this problem?

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Hey there @Derman67,

thanks for posting in the community !


Before we take any further actions, can you please let me know if you had tried the same account on other devices and experienced the same issues ?


If not, we shall adress it specificly as a PC issue and not an account issue.


Waiting on your update 😃

I'd be keen to find a solution to this also, it seems to be an issue that's been going on for ever (I've been having it for 2 years at least but am getting a little tired of it).

  • Spotify Free
  • Windows 10 (2 seperate machines)
  • Nothing loading for 5+ minutes every time app is opened
  • Loads friends bar quite quickly
  • Tired of clearing my cache/uninstalling-reinstalling

I've taken to going and putting the kettle on each time I open it, then by the time I've made a drink it's about ready.


It is still slow and bad software, not found in the 64-bit version. Do not expect support from the forum in vain. The firm that makes this software does not really try to make the software work well.

According to the Pagespeed test, the values are very bad. I think that if improvements are made with the methods suggested by Google, it will also affect the application side.

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