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Unable to copy text from new UI

Unable to copy text from new UI



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Windows 10


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Sometimes it happens that an artist or song is so great that I want to find more information about them/it. As I am mostly using the desktop UI, what I used to do is to simply mark the name of the artist or song, ctrl+C, paste into my browser and quickly find the information that I want.


Yesterday the UI changed though. Now everything feels more like a crappy phone UI forced into my desktop. Can you make things into selectable text fields instead of what feels like images?


If this is not possible, is there another program I can use to listen to Spotify? It would be nice to be in control of how my program looks, like Winamp managed to do like 20 years ago with skins.



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Hi there @Baertah,


Thank you for your post here in the Community. 


Can you let us know which version of the app you have?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

Take care!

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I'm running this version:


I got some interesting artist from Discover Weekly this week. The problem is, their name is in Cyrillic. I have a bit of trouble googling their name to find out more about them!


Could it be a general rule on the desktop app, that text should be selectable and copyable?

Hi again @Baertah,

Thank you for your reply and confirmation.


The best way to provide your feedback for the new desktop app is to leave it here. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. 


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Hi there @Jeremy,


Couldn't you just stop blocking copying of text?
That would solve the problem.


Windows 10 Desktop App -

Agreed. Been listening to music on my computer for at least 15 years and I think this is the first time I've had to go on a 10+ minute google rabbit hole to figure out how to simply copy text related to a song I'm listening to. In this case, it's a song's title and I'd just like to learn what the heck it means in my language since it's from another country. 

I remember having this feature on this platform before, so it seems it was deliberately removed. Music fans of all types love discovering new music and expanding their libraries, in physical format in some cases! Having simple functionality to copy text to then paste into websites to purchase music by artists for example - would be a simple, amazing, and common sense feature. I know apps in 2021 will do everything in their power to keep you from leaving their platform to go anywhere, even for a few moments. But this is obnoxious.

Sorry for the rant. Thanks for your time.

Hey @Robbiec321,


Thanks for the post.


We appreciate your feedback. 

The best way to leave your commentary on the changes introduced with the new Desktop app would be to post it in the thread that @Jeremy has linked to.


You can also create an Community Idea. This is another way users can vote on features they want to be implemented/ brought back or removed from the app in future updates.


Hope this info helps 🙂 

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hey all,


I had the same issue/question and the link with the 2k+ comments did not provide a match for "copy" -- so I decided it really is not my problem to solve an issue that I've got with a product I pay for...
So as it seems to be a management decision (its not 2021 anymore), users are not supposed to leave spotify for additional information (being diverse for sure), where should I state my feelings about that in the most constructive way possible? Community Ideas as linked by @Alex? First time here - just want to check...





To get a song title.

Method 1: Inspect the site. Because Spotify won't let you right click normally you may have to use an inspect keyboard shortcut or put text in the search box and right click that in order to inspect. Ctrl F to search. Search "more options for" to get the titles to all the songs. You may have to scroll sideways. You must go through songs one by one checking to the right of the "more options for" text.

Method 2: Play a song first. Close tab. Search internet history. Copy title from tab name.

Method 3: Go onto google translate. Put link to song, album, search, etc. Click link in translation box. Translate the language to something else. Hover over translated text. Google translate will give you a hover box with original text asking if google translated it correctly.

Method 4: Screenshot the song title and use one a free online ocr website.

Disclaimer: Using Chrome OS. Not sure how it works on other operating systems.

it's the same idea than :       Ability to select and copy artist, album and song ...  

You can group both ...

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