Why is my spotify often so slow?


Why is my spotify often so slow?

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I open spotify, let it load for a bit and when I try to search for an artist, the whole program lags ridiculously. Won't let me search, and when it does search, loads them so slowly. Albums for the artist take several minutes to load and then they stream very poorly.

The internet is not the problem as every website works quickly and youtube loads very quick.


Why is my spotify so slow and laggy? I have the latest public version, Windows 8. Restarting it doesn't help the issue. I often have to wait it out a couple hours.


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Just in case anyone else is still having this issue (I was), I found a post somewhere that did solve it for me, from what I can see.


The link explains how to delete your AppData:

"For Mac Users:

1.  If you do not have hidden files set to display by default: in Finder, press the Alt/Option key to access the Library folder under the Go menu. If you do have hidden files accessible: in Finder, just go to the Library folder in your user directory.

2. Go the Caches folder and look for the com.spotify.client folder.

3. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Command + A.

For Windows Users:


1. Paste C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Spotify\ into the directory bar of Windows Explorer.

2. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Control + A."

If it wasn't already obvious, close Spotify before you try this. I learned the hard way, and my computer had a little panic.

I didn't restart my machine after doing this, just started Spotify again, and it seemed to load a LOT quicker, and opened links on Spotify it would ususally take either ages to load, or not load at all. 

Hopefully this helps!

EDIT: I just found another way to drastically improve the speed of the Desktop app that just helped my app too. MrCircuit take note, this may help you also! 

Go into your settings in Spotify Desktop app, and try unlinking Local Files - 'SHOW SONGS FROM' - iTunes, Downloads, Media player, Music Library. This stops Spotify from trying to sync to your computer, which instantly improved the loading whenever I searched for anything on the Desktop app. Hope this helps you guys further!

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I tried all the solutions listed and none of those worked for me.  What worked in my situation was turning off the hardware acceleration option in Spotify.


Edit > Preferences > Scroll to bottom, Show Advananced Settings > Scroll to bottom, uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration

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Hi all, 


For any issues with Spotify, give these a try:

  • Restart the Spotify app. 
  • Log out and back in. 
  • Check the app is up-to-date.
  • Close any other apps you’re not using. 
  • Reinstall the app.
    Note: After reinstalling, you'll need to redownload any music you've made available for offline listening.
  • If possible, try a different internet connection. If this works, see 'Check the connection' below.
  • Try playing on a different device, or with the web player. If this works, your inability to play on the first device could be an issue with the device itself:
    • Check the device is supported and up to date.
    • Your device should have at least 250MB available memory (you may want to remove any unnecessary files and apps).
    • You may need to perform further troubleshooting with the device's manufacturer.
  • Check @SpotifyStatus for any ongoing issues.

Tip: We recommend using Spotify with a WiFi connection, on a supported device that has at least 250MB available memory.


If you're still having trouble we want to know about it. Please start a new thread in the Help Boards so we can invesigate (this thread is quite old from 2014). 



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@Meredith the fact that this thread is so old but still getting comments would indicate that the problems have existed for years and never been addressed by Spotify. Doing all of those additional steps (uninstall/reinstall, deleting folders/clearing cache, etc) is all Spotify ever comes back with, and not only is it a huge pita, the problem will just come back again eventually. That said, I think the key in your comment is this bit "a supported device that has at least 250MB available memory." It seems that your apps have become resource hogs, and so us folk with older devices are getting horrible lag. The only device that seems to play without lag is my Echo Dot, which of course has no graphic UI. 


Reply from Stej01:

"For Mac Users:

1.  If you do not have hidden files set to display by default: in Finder, press the Alt/Option key to access the Library folder under the Go menu. If you do have hidden files accessible: in Finder, just go to the Library folder in your user directory.

2. Go the Caches folder and look for the com.spotify.client folder.

3. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Command + A.


My Two Cents:

Disable Hardware Acceleration, this seemed to fix the issue for me personally. Clearing the local cache is always a good idea though first.


Click on Spotify window > Top Left Select Spotify > Select the Hardware Accelaration option to untick it


Let me know if you have any further questions.


I've tried all of these fixes, including this one, and have had no change or improvement. I have the latest version of Spotify, and am using a very clean Mac Pro, latest model. There should be zero problem with this, but it's been happening for me for about 6 months. I'm probably going to deactivate my premium account and move to another provider. It's sad because I've been with Spotify for years, but I need it for work as I'm a full time music producer/recording artist and performer, and I cannot have these issues slowing down my work. Good luck to Spotify in the future. I hope they eventually get this issue worked out.

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This problem is far from being solved, solutions are just workarounds.

I made everything listed here, but searching, playing, skipping and stopping songs (even when I close the application) is painfully slow. I just saw an improvement in the speed when I open, but I don't care, it's unusable.

I'm very upset because developers doesn't take this very seriously.


Spotify, if you don't care about desktop, then why offer the app at all?

What would make you prioritize this?
Public shaming from a well respected tech tabloid? A celebrity tweet?

Your team needs to take some time from its personal-web-browsing-and-texting-at-work (I assume?) to improve the UX, not from superficial UI design but from smarter, cleaner engineering.



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Voicing my extreme displeasure as well.


The moment I find a service that parallels to my liking, I am switching.

The moment I manage to get my music offloaded, I am ceasing my subscription.


Which will come first?


Dare I ask for an application that loads properly? Humor me, and stop circlejerking over your electron app with distinct feature teams that don't work together. HELLO. That's why your app takes infinitely long to load? You have to index each playlist I have? Are you nuts?


No, no, please, the right solution is clearly having an app that's a black screen for 5 minutes till it loads.

Yes, I've reinstalled with full removal. Yes, I've cleared caches. Multiple times. Yes, I've disabled Hardware Acceleration. Are you delirious with me yet?


I can see how the app works from being an educated front-end user for so long. Your approach is trash, and the good things you've thought of I was suggesting from within 30 minutes of using your app when it came to the US in 2012.


Get your act together.

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Well said. It's inexcusable actually. 

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I have been upset about the Mac Desktop app loading for 3-5 minutes for several years. I learned to just live with until I came here, saw the fix and applied it. For me all I had to do was uncheck "Hardware Acceleration." Is that counterintuitive or what? But it worked and Spotify now loads in just a few seconds. **bleep**!!!


This is no fix.. Paying for years. Paying for **bleep** software.

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Also a long-time Spotify user, using the desktop app MacOS 10.12.6. 


I am completely fed up. Every day it seems I am deleting the app, deleting the cache, browsing these community help lists. People complain about a 2-minute load. Mine is a 20-minute load, at least. There is no other app, service or program I use that is so disfunctional. And we are paying for this. 


This is ridiculous customer support. I am looking for another option and will not recommend spotify to my friends. 


Seriously. Deleting the cache helps for about 5 minutes, then you're in exactly the same spot as before. This software is so pathetically slow. I write this in February 2018 and the software is still virtually unusable. You need to "warm up" Spotify for 2 minutes before you can use it. What gives? this isn't a free service; we pay for this. Get it together!!! In 2018 we expect a music player to launch in 2 or 3 seconds. Any longer is unacceptable.

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Same problem. Used appcleaner to remove everything, reinstalled and it's still awful. Read about the whole consolidating playlists idea but that's a joke because I have to use playlists because I hit the 10k song limit years ago. It's a joke. One big ridiculous joke. 


I know it sounds tedious, but restarting the app and/or your phone will most likely help Spotify run faster if it’s lagging. If you’ve tried that, you might want to log out of your account and log back in. If it’s to no avail, you should contact the Spotify team directly.

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Why on earth do Spotify refuse to acknowledge blatant bugs like this?

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Right? I use the app on various versions of Android and on Windows 10 and it's so slow on all that it's pathetic. And all this BS of reinstalling the app, deleting the cache, or files in Windows directories, are all just band-aid solutions. Fix the probolem, Spotify!


FIX THIS PERMANENTLY!!!!  This has been an issue since 2016 before I was a user.  If it continues I won't be a user much longer.


I can't believe I am dealing with an issue that was commented on years and years ago. The solution in this thread has not fixed my problem. 


The search bar function is sporadic. Navigating from page to page takes insanely long, if the page loads at all. 

This is on the desktop app, Mac, OS 10.11.6


I tried to disenable Spotify while starting my PC (msconfig-> system start). But that didn't work out because after every update it enabled in that list by itself.
Now I noticed that there are two spotify apps that are disenabled and one is enabled. So I thought it would be better if alle spotify apps are running for full performance. And now it works MUCH faster. Maybe I could help anyone of you with my 'instructions' 🙂


Does ur fix only work on desktop? I'm bad w computer s and I didn't see anything on my tablet like what u described. Pls help!