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Why is there a 10k total offline song limit?

Why is there a 10k total offline song limit?

We can only download 9,999 songs to devices whereas other services such as Rdio manage to give their paying customers (for the same price) unlimited offline songs.


What is the reason for keeping this limit?

Is it just 'something we do' and won't be changing it purely for this reason?


There has to be a reason for it that benefits Spotify somehow, but I can't see what it is.

So that they can force their users with lots of songs (a good reason, may I add, for owning Spotify in the first place) to be connected to the internet to access them all?


I would extend this to a request for Spotify to remove the offline limit but I somehow feel that this isn't going to happen though so I'd love clarification for why not.


Thank you for any comments,


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In this post, one of the staff said:


"The 'your music' thing is limited to 10k songs which is a big problem."

We looked at the data around this as well and the amount of people who have reached the limit is really really small. We actually didn't expect anyone to hit it but we're working on expanding the amount of songs you can add Your Music anyway. Also, we're building a feature which will notify you if you've reached your limit.

Thank you for the reply,


I agree that 10k IS an enormity of songs,


The problem to me is more the fact that you can only have 3,333 on each device, which essentially limits you to 3.3k songs if you only use spotify on one device. Good that they're looking at it though.

please please add that soon 10k is way too little!! I've been on spotify for 3 weeks and hit the limit already... I could easily hit several times that in a few months... even if it's just a small fraction of the user base that actually hits the limit, it shouldn't even be there in the first place. It's been a flawless experience for me as premium user except for this HUGE let down =/

10k IS too little.

For streaming services which the argument to the people is to bring their library online, it is an issue. I had a 45k iTunes collection. 


Beside this, i imagine the what we miss with the discovery section that is based, one part, in the music I have in my collection. It will give just music I've been listening to, but I'll never discover new band based on music I listened before and still love.


And I love to shuffle through all my collection...


I'm reaching my limit – just because I've been too lazy adding songs recently – and kind of getting bored already thinking about the NEED to FILTER MANUALLY the collection to REMOVE stuff when I JUST WANT TO COLLECT, DISCOVER AND LISTEN.


I was LIMITED in space and to move around with all my mp3 library through my devices.


That's the point behind digital, cloud, streaming... no limits.

The 10k song limit is absolutely ridiculous in this modern era.  it takes away the fun of just adding stuff on the fly and then hearing it after in random.  what's the point of going down the musical rabbit hole if you can only go so far?  this is lame, Spotify.

@RajRimz wrote:

 this is lame, Spotify.

Which sadly also sums up the rest of the last update.


Your Music could have been a great addition to Spotify, had it been done properly (no song limit and provision for local files) and they had left all other things as they were.

I'd love to know why putting a limit on the number of songs one can download for offline listening benefits Spotify, or anyone else. Is it part of the contract with the labels?

Over a year later and spotify still has done nothing. I, along with many of my friends, are slowly transitioning to apple music. It was a good run Spotify but you aren't as competitive as you used to be...

I am leaving my premium spotfiy subcripstion because of the 3300 song per device limit. See ya spot. Hello apple music

Me too. Ridiculous. For people with eclectic tastes (i.e real music lovers) this is a real constraint. Going travelling soon and I want a range of music on my device. 3,333 songs is not even close.

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