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where's the new music for me notifications now?

where's the new music for me notifications now?

Everything in this horrendous new update is a total and absolute trash, but the most crazy thing is that I've been looking for the new music for me notifications and I can't find it anywhere. I have a paid account and I'm only spammed with trash everywhere. Where did they put the new music for me notifications?







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where's the new music for me notifications now?

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Hey @Paulgi


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

You can find all new releases selected for you on a weekly basis in your Release Radar playlist. To find the playlist, simply access the New Releases or Made For You hub in the Search section of the desktop app.


If this isn't what you're looking for, could you describe in a bit more detail the notifications you noticed missing? This will help us have a closer look and assist you further. 


Looking forward to your reply. Enjoy your day! 

I have absolutely no interest at all in spotify automatic playlists.
In fact I'd love to have an option to make all that trash disappear.

I'm talking about notifications.

I just want to open the desktop application and see what's new from the artists i'm following. That's simple.

I'm not paying to be spammed with suggestions and playlists.


Luckily the "new releases for you" appeared again today. in the bottom of the home page. It's ridiculous.  I can't even move it up. The main thing for me is in the bottom of the home page after tons and tons of trash and spam. This might be the most pathetic premium service ever. The level of stupidity is unmeasurable.

Oh... and btw! The first thing that appear on my home page now are podcasts. I never listen to podcasts, but some **bleep** on Spotify decided that it's more important for me than the "new releases for you".

It's even hard to understand if Spotify is trolling us or being just absolutely incompetents.

Hey @Paulgi,


Thanks for your reply.


Make sure to follow our Guidelines when posting in the Community and remember to keep a friendly tone. We're doing our best to help you out.


If you're talking about actual notifications, you can set them by following the steps in this article. There's one that says New Music - Fresh tracks from artists you follow or might like which you might find useful.


Regarding the section New releases for you that appear on the Home screen of the app, that is a dynamic section (it isn't a notification), which means that it depends on if the app can find relevant recommendations for you to show there - that's why it may not always be shown.


Right now, it isn't possible to customize the Home screen of the app, but fellow users also think this would be useful and there's this idea about it. We suggest adding your +Vote to it to show your support. You can read more about how feedback on ideas reaches Spotify here.


Lastly, we suggest sharing all your feedback about the New Desktop app in this Community blog, which is being monitored by the right folks in order to collect all your feedback to keep improving the app and the overall experience. Since launch, we've implemented and brought back features based on the users' feedback.


Hope you find this info useful. We'll be right here in case you have any questions or need anything else.



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