[Desktop] View larger Album Art


I would like to view the the album artwork at a bigger resolution. Full screen if it was possible.

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


On Desktop It's possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).



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I think a visualizer would also do swell with this.


this really needs to be done. it's a major functionality factor. although some don't link album art with the music, for other's it's of huge importance. it seems like an easy thing to just add a popout function for larger art viewing, so please do it guys!


This idea is long overdue.  Many people still buy CD's/Vinyl for the album art; of course, that can't be duplicated virtually, but adding something tangible to a collection is what makes it a collection.  Apple understands this and has for a decade now.  I am convinced more people would subscribe to Spotify if album covers could be displayed full screen and sifted through.

Casual Listener

Long overdue idea.  You have huge thumnails in the discovery panel, why not "Now Playing"?  It's my biggest pet peeve with Spotify, and is almost enough to make me leave, since other services aren't missing the mark, and have much better "Now Playing" and control experiences on their web and downloadable clients.


Seems like Spotify is convinced that people will use mobile devices more and therefor deserve the primary attention (since album art looks great on phones).  While this may be true, it is straight up wrong to backburn other platforms and offer drastically inconsistent level of experiences on different platforms - numbers or not.  Just seems like poor practice, especially when dealing with a service that banks on customer loyalty.


Hopefully all the other competitors will drive Spotify to update the way album art gets presented.


I have a phone permanently mounted in the car in landscape orientation and it would be nice to see the album art bigger than currently. It is a nice size in portrait but the way the skip/play are arranged takes way too much room from album art.






Yes Spotify, please do this! I would personally love to set my laptop or phone aside and just see the album art, song and artist title. 


My two cents on this is that I perfer the album art being larger. That's one of the things that drew me to Spotify initially (It's small but its better than many). 


Playlists are boring. Theres not much to see there that I don't already know about. Instead, why not put the playing album there when something is playing? Pausing or clicking a button could return you to the playlist by hiding the control. You could include other albums and even a possible discover feature right there in the playing section. Maybe something like this:Album art concept


At least I would prefer the always there option over clicking the album art to see it. 


Hello Spotify, 


why are you not enabling high-resolution cover art images in your client app?

The proof that YOU DO HAVE the HQ-versions of the cover art is based on your notifications mails where you announce new releases of a "followed" artist: there you use higher resolution images.


So why not in the client????

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If I may add something to the existing comments.  The art would be nice as a larger format, if not for the art itself but sometimes even more so for the information on the album cover.  Who is on the album, guest artists, location of the play venue.  Some of this info would be on the back side, but there are a number of instances where it is on the front, but the picture is so small, I can't read the information.


That said, I add my Premium Membership call out to larger album art + the back side picture.  It would be a huge value added feature!

There is a lot of wasted real estate on the screen, especially if hooked up to a big screen TV. Think Foobar2000.