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Please Add Spotify Radio Function to Sonos

I love to use the spotify radio feature on my computer, but I enjoy using my sonos system as well, which doesn't currently have that function. 


I have been reading adding spotify radio is something being discussed currently, so please allow Sonos to add Spotify radio to their system.  I am happy to pay for the premium spotify account as I already am to enable this feature, I just want to have it integrated into the sonos system, so I can actually fully enjoy both spotify and sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Radio is coming to Sonos. Start a new station from the song that’s Now Playing. Or from a search of your favourite artists with the Start Artist Radio option. Enjoy!

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This needs to happen or I am canceling my account. Sonos is a much better service overall but as I mainly use sonos I might cancel and stick with regular pandora/rhaposdy if this isn't fixed soon.


I want this so bad. Love the Sonos system and the Spotify service. Spotify is darn great at providing matching radiostations, only a shame I cannot hear them on my proper stereo.


Please make this happen. My Sonos is broken without it. I fully expected that I would have the same radio functionality with my Sonos as with my computer and phone. Currently, I'm using Pandora, but prefer Spotify. As a premium customer the radio ablitiy should be there.



Sonos did a big push in the uk at Christmas offering 6 months free Napster subscription. People are now coming to the end of this free period, including myself, and will be considering other platforms, I've just signed up for spotify premium but now realising I can't use the system as I could with rhapsody am considering going back to Napster. If anyone from spotify is bothering to read these, it might be worth replying to the forum

I would love to see this happen as well.  I use Sonos to listen to music at home.  In order to get a "radio" experience, I am currently forced to use LastFM.  Would much prefer Spotify if possible.


Love the spotifty radio would love to see it on the sonos as this is how I listen to most of my spotify content

I completely agree with this. I got a spotify premium subscription specifically to use with my Sonos system and was gutted that the radio function is not available. Please allow Sonos to do this!
Hi, can Spotify either develop a new Spotify Rdio API, or release the current Spotify Radio API to developers like Sonos, so they can offer is great Spotify feature on their Sonos players? Cheers Pete
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I'm not sure what has gone wrong here. But no radio on Spotify in SONOS is unacceptable. In either case Deezer does radio so I have switched.


actually I'm still shocked that radio function isn't integrated... now I work around with iphone app and CABLE into Sonos system. That works but also sucks, because it's supposed to be a wireless system.


But hey... this is 2013, it shouln't be an issue to fix the API, right?