Remote control.



It could be great to be able to remote control my computer Spotify app from the Spotify mobile device app. (iPhone un my case)

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.

Status changed to: Watch this space


Super good news folks,

We´ve marked this idea as "Watch this space" now!

In collaboration with the leaders in home audio, Spotify launches Spotify Connect - a new home audio experience giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and speakers with millions of songs built right in. Simple, seamless and hassle-free.

Read more about this in Rorey´s post. Will come back to this thread when the rollout starts.

Cool huh?

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented this idea!



The new Spotify Connect function is great (or will be when you get around to implementing it on Android sometime in the long, distant and unspecified future) but its not what the poster of this idea is asking for. They want to control Spotify on their desktop PC from their Smartphone. I think there are some 3rd party apps to do this already. Anyway, just thought I'd mention that Spotify connect does not implement this idea.


I am a bit confused here. Will this "Spotify Connect" let user control Spotify on desktop using iphone/ipad ?




You're exactly right SteveBrammer. What the poster wanted and what I've been waiting for is to bascially control Spotify on my desktop or smartphone by having the client running on either one of them. Spotify Connect seems cool, but it's not what people really asked for. To be quite honest, what I wanted is what Rdio has.


I use Remoteless and it works brilliantly.


The only downside is that Spotify refuses access to certain Spotify features like Discover, access to the Queue, and so on. These limitations aside, this is an excellent app which does the job with no fuss...


(I don't work for Remoteless, and am just a fan).


I use Spotimote and it is perfect. It is completely free and does everything that the mobile Spotify app does, except that it controls your computer's Spotify via WIFI instead of playing over the phone. Very easy setup, just stay up to date with the latest versions. I'm sure the developer appreciates it if you buy the premium version, but I'm pretty sure all you get extra for paying is a widget.


I would say Spotify should hire this developer to make the official Spotify remote, because it can't get much better than Spotimote.

Status changed to: Implemented

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.


Per, what if I want to control Spotify on my mac that's streaming to an AirPlay speaker (via AirFoil since Spotify doesn't do it natively) from my phone? Spotify Connect isn't a resolution to that scenario... Especially when Connect is limited to streaming to one speaker at a time (why is that?!) and I'm trying to get music throughout my house with multiple AirPlay zones.


I disagree that because of spotify connect that the remote idea is implemented.  Not even close. I have none of the mentioned hardware and most people have spotify on computers or tablets.


I think a fantastic remote would operate like this. I have spotify loaded on my computer and my iPads and iPhone. I would like to be able to bring up the spotify app on my tablet for example. Then I would be able to select which device I would like to play the music through. I would pick my computer since it is attached to my home stereo system. Then any song, playlist etc that I select in the spotify app on the tablet would be played through spotify on the computer. If i had one of my tablets hooked to the stereo running spotify i could control it from my iPhone or iPad by selecting it in the spotify menu.


I think you really need to either do this as a remote or come up with something else. I good usable remote would be a huge marketing advantage over other streaming music services.

So basically to be able to control the app running on your Mac with your iPhone you have to purchase another spotify app? If anybody knows away around this please let me know.