Remote control.



It could be great to be able to remote control my computer Spotify app from the Spotify mobile device app. (iPhone un my case)

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.


Hey guys, i was wishing about the same thing but unfortunately you cant control PC with a mobil device. What i did was connect my iPad with the aux cord to my speakers (i wish i had bluetooth) and the contol with my iPad from anywhere (as long as the wifi is same i think). But the volume cant be controlled so i use the remote for speakers to control the volume. But still you get a quasi "bluetooth" experience.  


Spotify is full of lies, this has not been implemented.


Any idea of when this will actually be implemented? Would be a great feature to have.




I don't mean to sound like a stick in the mud but it's not implemented for Windows Phones...


Please add this.


Hey guys


Can someone else verify the same problem I'm having.


Using the Android app as remote for a desktop. Play an album. Now add a new song to the queue. Wait for that song to play (which will be the next track). The song will probably play on the desktop, but all the album data, song data and song length of the song you've just queued will be wrong (on the Android device). Ignored if you like. And then the queue is broken until you just play a new song or album


Ive tried this on 2 different android devices, and on 4 different PCs (Windows 7 and Windows XP boxes). As well as 3 different internet/wifi connections. All the exact same queue bug


Thanks for any input!




Queueing is currently broken when using Spotify Connect (Spotify Connect is the term for remote controlling devices)


When you queue a song while remote controlling another device, it will not tranfer over.


The developers are aware of this bug and hope to bring improvements in the future so it will work.


Thank you so much MattSuda!


I could not find a reference to this bug anywhere. And I couldn't believe no one else is talking about it. Isn't this the most important thing about having a smart phone to control your music? Anyways, thanks for the heads up hopefully they can fix the bug very soon


So I noticed today that my Android mobile had controls and the current track showing while Spotify played on my computer.  Awesome!


But when I paused it and played it again using those controls... it played through the phone instead of the computer.  Not so awesome.