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Remote control.



It could be great to be able to remote control my computer Spotify app from the Spotify mobile device app. (iPhone un my case)

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.


I would love a remote control function in the Spotifty phone app, so that I can control Spotify in my Windows PC connected to my surround receiver. This would be very practical indeed!


I am currently using the app called Spotimote. It works but is limited.


or a bluetooth spotify remote for when your mobile is hooked onto your stereo 😄


Having a remote option in the Spotify Mobile app would be a great feature! The 3-rd party remotes just don't cut it. I've used Remoteless for a while now, but it has some serious shortcomings in my opinion:


  • You cannot access your starred list. I know you can add all starred items to a playlist as a workaround, but it's just not the same.
  • Wrong playlists or songs get started sometimes.
  • I do not like the interface, but that's a matter of personal taste I guess. Smiley Wink

I agree with this! Must have feature


First of I understand why you don not want more then one song playing in an account and the way you have implanted this is awesome thou I know a some people that would like to by able to buy a licenses to play more songs simultaneously on one account (for example Home systems with multiple zones) but that is an other suggestion

I would like the ability to sync my play queue and current playing song over all my devices.

Why ?

Well sometime I sit on my computer and create an good play queue for me right now and then I decide to go out and want my play queue to follow me to my phone.

How would you implement this ?

Well play qoueue could be implemented as standard (technically I do not know how this work but Spotify in its technical essence is awesome so you will figure I out ;D). When it's comes to the current playing song I would suggest a setting that will sync the playing song because I might want to start a different song on my phone (or other device) then the one I'm playing on my computer. My idé is that the phone will start playing the song as the computer start playing it but the button is still in it's paused stat and when I click play it will start playing on the the phone and stop on the computer. I would like it to start from the same time in the song.

Last notes

In the example I'm referring to a computer and a phone but I want it to work across all devices (from phone/pad to computer as well). Of course I understand that this won't work if you have you devices in offline mode.

Kind Regards

Michael Wendel


Yep, love this idea!


It would be great if I could just sync with my pc when I come home and the song playing on my phone would immediately continue on the computer connected to the stereo.


Especially after workouts when I often want to take off the earphones or pluggs, but still want to continue listening while stretching and winding down.



Great idea! 🙂


I would love this feature.  I use SoundHound/Shazam to identify songs then I want to play them on my computer right after.


The way I currently do it is by using the SoundHound/Shazam option to open the song in Spoify then I star the song or add it to a playlist then I select the song on the computer.  It is faster than typing the whole song name in on the computer after identifying it on the phone.


Also I could use my phone as  remote to select what is playing on my computer when I'm on the other side of the room.


I don't know exactly how it would be implemented, but since Spotify does pause instantly when another Spotify instance starts playing, that indicates that there is already a realtime communication system that wouldn't be hard to add the ability to que or play a specific song.


Yes yes yes! I've had this idea for a while (never got much attention on Getsatisfaction). Hope this comes through!


Yes! They should definitely make this change.  It would be so useful!

Yes. I have a huge queue built up for my work PC. I went home and popped open my Macbook to listen to music while I cooked, the Queue wasn't there because it doesn't sync. Cloud 101 people!