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Save Albums

I'd like to be able to save full albums into their own library.


Ideally (similar to starring a single song) I could add an album to my "album collection". This would keep my playlists to a minimum and I can still have access to an entire album with one click.


I understand I can make a playlist for an entire album, but this playlist now shows up on my list of playlists, so If I ever want to listen to "my favorite slow jams" I'd have to search and scroll through all the album playlists i made, find the M's and then finally pick the my favorite slow jams playlist.


Having a seperate master library for albums, where each album would first show up as one item, until I expanded it to see the individual track listing would be great.

2014-04-25 Hey everyone! We’re excited to say this Idea status is now “Implemented”.


This month we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms. For a glimpse of these changes and our new design click here.


Your Music is now available to users on desktop, web, Android and iOS.


This is a 2nd feature I am missing with Spotify, and why I am considering cancelling my premium subscription.

I have a 500gig disk full of music, and I usually play ALBUMS, not tracks, and not huge playlists. And I have 0-time to spend time sorting my playlists. This is why I got Spotify in the end. Having Radio is quite useless for many types of music, it's too often repeating same albums.

Just give us an ability to star albums and composers/singers... that's make my life way easier with spotify.


I would love to flip through albums, kind of like I can do on I-tunes. That is the one huge feature that is missing. I hope you  are still working on this.


Here is a work-around to put your favorite albums in a playlist without putting all the songs from each album:

Create a playlist called "Albums" and just add the first song from each album you would like to add. Then you can sort by artist or by album and just click on the album to play the remaining tracks. 


This is kind of a crude work around, and you can't download the entire album for off-line play, but if you don't mind streaming them, this works all right.


Check it out on my Spotify page!


I've been trying to get comfortable with Spotify on my Mac for the last month.  I'm attempting a migration from iTunes Match and just signed up for the Spotify 30 day premium subscription.  I'm an album guy and like having a look at an entire collection of albums, not just tracks and playlists.  The ability to favorite albums is an absolute must.  Please implement this feature so I can become a paying customer.


This would be a fantastic feature! Please make it happen!


This is a big feature that i think is missing from spotify. I stopped creating and listening to playlists along time ago. I mostly listen to albums and then make an odd playlist. It's so hard currently to save all the albums in one place that i want to listen too without them getting mixed up in my playlists.


Please make this happen spotify, it would make the service great!!


Is this feature under construction? This is the only reason I am still not a paying user. Is there any ETA when this is going to be available?


Great idea, love it!


Yes, puh-leeeease add audiophile-targeted collection gardening options like, at a minimum, the ability to save albums. Or "save everything by this artist." Etc. We'll pay more for it if we have to. You have a great service, please don't screw it up by making influencers like me give up and leave for some buggy indie music platform with more audiophile features. Like I just did with iTunes. Please!


Here's a good article that the Spotify people have seen and considered, I'm sure.


I do appreciate the fact that implementing such a feature would require more infrastructure (possibly) and more maintenance even (arguably though), but if people are ready to pay you more for a feature like this, along with other extra features you might consider - why not do this?


Of course, if you're still passing on 75% of the revenue to Universal etc, you wouldn't rush to generate more revenue, so it may not be that simple. 


I have used Rdio for a couple of months because their interface is great and allows to create a Library similar to iTunes.

However they are too expensive for me for what I was getting, their library seems smaller; Spotify loads tracks faster, the Radio feature is much better, and the apps are a good addition here + the discovery algorithms are smarter - so I switched back to Spotify just recently. Hate to look at my playlists though because they are a mess...


I would make the complete switch form iTunes/iTunes player on my phone if this was a default feature. Please make it happen!!