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Spotify Connect For Desktop App

To add the Spotify Connect feature to the desktop application, so it's possible to remote control desktop Spotify from a phone.



[Mod edit - clarified idea and removed second idea in post. If you'd like DLNA support in Spotify, please head here.]



 Hi guys,


I think the next update will have connect feature.

Meanwhile you can download the beta version here:



You can find in the web MAC-VERSION.


Thank you all.
I love you all.




We are thrilled to say this very popular idea is now implemented!

We’ve just released a great new Premium feature, which lets you play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote. You can read more about Connect for computers here or check out the video below:




Today I can use my android tablet as a remote control for spotify on my windows 7 pc with the spotimote app. This works like a charm, so why should'nt a pc to pc connection work?

Spotimote even let you adjust volume, it's just brilliant for my needs.


Please add Connect on the desktop soon!


I saw the connect in the app and I thought controlling a desktop was the whole point of it. It would be great to have this.


The whole point of the Spotify Connect feature is combining the best possible sound quality and wireless control. This is how I see it.


If you're not interested in sound quality, you can easily buy one of those airport or whatever devices.


Controlling a wireless device (from another wireless device) makes absolutely no sense.


Yeah, sure there are these home theater receivers and "a speaker, an amplifier and some computer stuff packaged in one plastic box" products with the Spotify Connect feature, but then again you are not interested in good sound quality. And one of those airport things would do the same thing...


Spotify Connect makes sense, if you have your desktop computer connected via a digital cable to your hifi DAC, which is connected via cables to your hifi amplifier and so on. Then maybe you would like to remote control your Spotify with your tablet or one of those other wireless hand-held devices.


Btw, I tried the Spotiamp app: the sound quality was very poor. And yes, I did change the setting to the highest quality. I noticed that the app has no setting for disabling the Spotify default compression (set the same levels...), maybe it was because of this, maybe it was also just because of the app.


Spotify, please give your rough estimation of the rollout schedule.


I'd be very keen to see it as well


+1 for this feature that I'd really like to see. To be honest I'd love to see all Spotify devices become Connect controllers and receivers - sometimes I plug my phone into speakers and work at my computer, sometimes my computer is playing music and I'm on the sofa with my phone or tablet - universal control would be ideal.


I'm interested in a remote control function like Spotimote.


A feature I've wanted for a long time, not just for Spotify; but for any Linux/Windows desktop media player.

I'd love to see this feature implemented asap, mobile is where Spotify make their money though so I guess that's why they put desktop users on the backburner. (ie Desktop was the last to recieve the new Spotify client; the black theme where the fonts are ridiculously oversized?)


Please please please! 


+1 for Spotify connect for desktop. Need it for Linux, too!!! It's fine to have it on my android phone but browsing spotify on my desktop is even better. And last but not leat I'd like to make use of the spotify apps and listen to it on my spotify connect enabled receiver.


Same here! Bring it soon pls!