2-factor authentication

Spotify should, as a matter of good practice and safety, implement 2-step authentication.


Previously, Spotify enabled the option to log out other sessions other than the current session.


This would prevent hackers from stealing accounts, which would additionaly lead to less account hacks and less work for Spotify employees to assist in these cases.


More info: https://twofactorauth.org

Updated on 2017-08-29

Hey @ThomasVH we've revisited this idea with the teams behind logging into Spotify. We've decided not to move forward with two-factor authentication at this time. 

If you're interested in security, we do have some tips to protect your Spotify account here. Of course if our status on this changes we will let you all know right here. Thanks!

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It's 2017.


Recently, Computers across Europe were hacked. Hacking is still a thing.


2 Factor is a necessity. Almost 400 people agree. It's time to reconsider this concept. 


Couldn't agree more. Come on Spotify....It's high time we got an update regarding progress on this critical security enhancement. 


How is it possible that this isn't already a feature? 

Concert VIP

It is really strange (and somewhat embarrassing) that Spotify does not offer this option yet. It is completely normal practice these days.


This feature is very important to me.  Recently my password was compromised and someone got into my account and started messing with my library.  My library is really important to me and I would be devastated if someone deleted my playlists.  I found out quickly enough but if I hadn't, it could have been bad.

Music Lover

Yes, Could not agree more!


I have recently had my Spotfiy account hijacked by someone I do not know and who continues to keep trying to reset my password to get into my account. I've alread reset my password and everything and I had his first/last name and profile picture on my account but this person continues to try and get my info. I think 2 factor authentication would be very highly appreciated.


Someone was using my spotify account (I still have no idea how, since I have 2 factor on facebook and I use facebook for logins).


I just canceled my subscription until this gets implemented on spotify, since the alternative (google music) has it.

Music Lover

2FA. Great idea. A must for securing any account web facing. 


I couldn't agree more, I love Spotify but I'm shocked that they do not have a better system in place for protecting their customer's accounts. It seems like this issue has happened to A LOT of other people (including myself the other day).


I also noticed that this suggestion for 2-factor auth was originally posted in 2015 and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE? That's ridiculous!!! If Spotify doesn't make security changes to protect their customers ASAP then I'll defininitely be switching to a different service.