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[Alexa] Multiple Spotify Accounts for Amazon Echo

My wife and I have our own Spotify accounts. On Amazon Echo, you can create your own profile.  It would be great to link your own Spotify account to your own Amazon Echo account.


Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @rskyles thanks for bringing your idea to the Community. As this idea involves a third party we cannot comment on whether this feature is in progress or not. We're marking it as 'Not Right Now', but if we publicly announce this feature is coming we'll update this idea. Thanks!


Another poor example that proofs Spotify is not willing to improve the App experience. This function and a better Audiobook function are absolutely necessary. 


I am on the trial for spotify duo, and, sadly, I am canceling it.  My spouse and I both prefer Spotify playlists, but not being able to listen on more than one device is a no-go for us.  Even more so during this pandemic where we both work from home, and both listen to different music in different rooms. 


Amazon music doesn't have this weird limitation, so we're back on their plan.  Since this feature has been asked for years, without any development going on, it's clear spotify doesn't care about this at all.


This is a deal killer for me and my family. We've been using Amazon Music Family for a year and it is seamless with all of our devices and causes no problems playing on multiple devices with all my kids running around. I don't have time to fuss with this issue. I do like several things about Spotify over Amazon. My car has a Spotify interface that makes it easy to listen to Spotify. I also like how Spotify helps introduce you to new music based on your playlists. And finally, I like that I can add my own mp3's to Spotify without having a different mp3 player on my phone (this became a big problem when Google Play was discontinued). So we've been on a trial of Spotify but this multiple device issue is honestly a big enough deal that I won't keep Spotify beyond the 30 day trial. They need to fix this issue. Solve this problem and there's no reason for me or anyone else to choose Amazon over Spotify.


Still would love to see this, but I get that Spotify may not be able to do it because of tech limitations.  I recommend Google smart speakers for anyone that must have this AND wants to keep Spotify.


I will not change my alexa speaker, it's easer to change spotify in amazon music.



Here is this my detailed use case related to this request. It's disappointing that Spotify hasn't fixed this by now.

Premium Family, Spotify Kids, and Multiple Echo an... - The Spotify Community


5 years later this issue is still not solved. Why it's not important for Spotify to solve this ? We paye every month 15.99€ for a service who doesn't work with Alexa.


Hi all, if you are interested, you could also up vote a related post here:


Come one Spotify, this was suggested on 2016 and 5 years late all the Spotify user still waiting for this feature  


Environment description:

  • Two separate Spotify accounts under Premium Duo
  • Alexa Prime Household with two Adult profiles
    • Each has Voice ID setup
    • Each linked to a separate Spotify account under Premium Duo

GOAL: Play Spotify Account based on Alexa VOICE RECOGNITION


  1. Alexa Voice Recognition does not play the associated Spotify Account.
    1. Always plays the Spotify account recently used... doesn't not automatically change to the 'other' account when that person makes the the request
  2. Saying "Alexa play Spotify on  Steve's account"  DOES NOT WORK.



  • Can Spotify use Alexa Voice Recognition to play the associated account?