[Alexa] Multiple Spotify Accounts for Amazon Echo

Status: Not Right Now

My wife and I have our own Spotify accounts. On Amazon Echo, you can create your own profile.  It would be great to link your own Spotify account to your own Amazon Echo account.


Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @rskyles thanks for bringing your idea to the Community. As this idea involves a third party we cannot comment on whether this feature is in progress or not. We're marking it as 'Not Right Now', but if we publicly announce this feature is coming we'll update this idea. Thanks!


Oh no Spotify, I just decided to migrate my family and I away from Amazon Music to a Spotify Family Plan, with probably the No.1 usage being 6 Amazon Echo's in different rooms of our house that want to listen to music.  My kids are under 10 so don't have an Amazon Account.


Bearing in mind this feature request has been open for 5-6 years now it is a shame that you`ve not properly commented or addressed it.  Gutted.


Speak with your wallet, that's the only thing they understand.  I've cancelled because of this missing feature feature years ago.


I know there have been other Ideas posted with Spotify to try and get this fixed, but I thought maybe a new one with a bit more of an implementation suggestion might be worth a try.  Maybe anyone reading this could give this some upvote love:  (1) [Other] Dedicated profile for smart home assistanc... - The Spotify Community



It's not even just for Alexa and smart home devices. I have a pc running spotify, and it'd sure make sense if anyone's paid spotify account in the Lan could cast to it. But no 😢


I would love to upgrade to family, but without this functionality, it doesn’t make sense.