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[Alexa] Multiple Spotify Accounts for Amazon Echo

My wife and I have our own Spotify accounts. On Amazon Echo, you can create your own profile.  It would be great to link your own Spotify account to your own Amazon Echo account.


Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @rskyles thanks for bringing your idea to the Community. As this idea involves a third party we cannot comment on whether this feature is in progress or not. We're marking it as 'Not Right Now', but if we publicly announce this feature is coming we'll update this idea. Thanks!


Now that Spotify is increasing its prices by €18 it's still not possible, Pandora has done it! Pandora adds voice recognition on its skill that allows you to link Pandora accounts to each alexa voice profile, which is much more convenient than amazon household which is also limited to 2 accounts. I'm going to cancel my subscription it's still 1200 votes and it's been 8 years that the request is requested and still not done !! 


I just cancelled my subscription because of this non implementation of alexa. I bought 5 echo during prime day and we can't use it at home with spotify so even if spotify service is better, i'm leaving because of no efforts here ...


Any update about this Ideia?

Only Amazon Music has this function and Deezer tested this in this year


is there a fix for this yet? I'm over it as well! BUTTTTTTTTT Spotify has all my play list 😞 Does anyone know how to transfer them to Amazon?


This seems incredible not to have been looked at in 8 years?? Amazon beckons....