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[All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App)

With each new update, no matter what gets added or taken away, there is a curious lack of accountability from the actual staff, and the (paying) userbase are left confused.


Why can we not drag from iTunes into our playlists anymore? Why can we not order our playlist columns as we see fit?


So a detailed, easily accessible, log after each update would sort this. In this log should be a list of all the changes made with each update, and with the reasons why the changes were made. This is most important.


We pay for this service. Why should we be left utterly confused with each update? We're left to scurry over to this forum, where your lackeys (who actually aren't on the development team) have no choice but to say 'I don't know' to each question, and with each request to implement back a feature in the Ideas section, the only response is 'This is not a priority'.


What's wrong with some honesty, eh?

Updated on 2018-10-03


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange with your feedback.

We're keeping this status as 'Not Right Now' for the time being.

Right now, we don't have plans to implement a detailed change log with both changes and reasoning behind it for every app update. For news about updates we've made, please keep an eye here on the Idea Exchange as well as on our News Blog


We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll check back in here if we have any other info.


So you are saying that Spotify is not implementing this idea without ANY reasoning. Some communication manager...
This idea shouldn't even needed to be asked by the Spotify community in the first place! It's sad to see such negligence towards your users.


No changelogs? Then no updates for me.

Go, make updates to spofitfy. Your effort is wasted on me.


V 1.0.25 will last forever.


Still not a changelog huh? I hate that! As a paying costumer I would like to know what I am getting with every new update.


@Melody @Marco


Why is there no change log in 2019? If you dont care to add the text to each build submitted to Google, just change your message. The changelog is then online at a dedicated site. Here is a suggestion


Thanks for updating. What's changed? Click here:


Since you can't be bothered telling me what changes, I can't be bothered updating.


Why not? Why don't you plan to show (bring back) the changelog? If you could answer that question at least...

The update I was just forced to do (after avoiding it for months) changed the base layout of Spotify ... That's not a small change and I, as a paying user of your service, would have liked to at least have had some kind of warning/indication things were about to change for the worse 


Bottom line:

If I see no changelog (even if it's on these goddamned forums) in the next 2 months, I'm out. And as the "tech influencer" of my entire freaking family, I'll make sure you lose them all too.


Your choice. 


TO be clear, I don't actually care if theres a changelog *in the app*. Just so long as there is a changelog SOMEWHERE.


"Not Right Now" should not be an acceptable answer from the platform managers in this case.

Changelogs are a basic accountability measure in software; actively refusing to communicate changes or the potential effects of software changes are indicative of user-hostile behavior and should be treated with suspicion.

I'm baffled by this. I mean, I know that not every paid service publishes release notes. However, rarely is one so widely used as Spotify. I can understand (begrudgingly) not publishing the specific story or bug fix, but not even publishing a bulleted list of user-visible improvements or changes is a bad look. 


Marking the ticket as "Not Right Now" implies that it will be done at some point. Posting an update 2 years after it was originally marked say that you are keeping it as "Not Right Now" is unacceptable. As many have pointed out it wouldn't be that difficult and we just want the changelog somewhere not necessarily in the app. In general we don't even need information about why a change was made. If it is a major change it would probably be a better fit for a tech blog anyway and not a changelog. But a nice bullet point list of things that got changed or fixed would be great, there are plenty of companies that have struck a pretty good balance between giving a changelog and not getting stuck in the details of listing all 50 minor bugs that were fixed in a release.


The changelog on the Apple app store is a step in the right direction, but as someone who uses spotify on my computer more than on my phone in general I care more about what has changed on desktop which there is currently no way to find out about. It is honestly one of the only desktop applications that I use that has no changelog. If the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Slack, Postman, and many others can be bothered to provide a changelog for their software updates you can be bothered also.