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[All Platforms][Other] 2-Factor Authentication

Spotify should, as a matter of good practice and safety, implement 2-step authentication.


Previously, Spotify enabled the option to log out other sessions other than the current session.


This would prevent hackers from stealing accounts, which would additionaly lead to less account hacks and less work for Spotify employees to assist in these cases.


More info:

Updated on 2018-10-18

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange. We’re ready to mark this idea as ‘Under Consideration’. 


We are currently investigating various solutions for account security for our users, e.g. 2-factor authentication. Any news regarding user-facing security updates will be posted to this thread as a status change.


If you'd like further information about protecting your account please visit our Support Site here.


I would very much like this as my account has just been hi-jacked by some fool elsewhere in Europe.


I can't see anywhere in my account overview to remove devices that aren't mine.



Once again have Spotify been hacked. What are you waiting for? Give us 2 step verification NOW.


Just logged in to find someone else using my account. 2 step verification would be much appreciated - I don't appreciate people using my premium for free!


And in reply to Stephan's post - WHY WEREN'T WE TOLD ABOUT THIS?!


Same as the reply above me.. Just logged in to Spotify to find it being used by someone else. I received no e-mail alert that Spotify would have been hacked either!


It would be nice to have such a feature as 2-factor authentification.


Seeing how there are a lot of complains about hacked accounts on this forum this should be one of your top priorities


...especially after the current events:

2 step verifications is a must have for a service like Spotify (else I will leave for the service which ads it first - Ok Google already has it - so hurry up)


Please add 2 step verification on your system please 😞

Please yes.