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[All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album

Please remember the current song playing in a playlist so if I switch away to a different playlist and then switch back, Spotify will know where I left off.


I often can't finish a playlist right away or my mood changes so I might switch to a different playlist. Later, I want to finish the previous playlist, not start over again.



Updated on 2023-03-27

Hey everyone,


This idea accidentally ended up in the wrong board, so we're moving it back here. 


We're keeping the Not Right Now status as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


Hear hear.  I listen a lot to my friends' looong playlists, more or less like radio.  Trying to find where i was is annoying.


That is exactly what bugs me as well. I don't like using other playlists because I lose my place. I also don't want to do everything through the play queue (defeats the purpose of having multiple lists). 

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Changed back to "new idea" status - once this idea reaches 100+ kudos the Spotify staff will review it again and decide on a new status. 😉


Would be nice for audio books, if you want to listen to music meanwhile and then switch back to the audiobook, where you left.


Listen to audio books without a bookmark-function does not make sense. Please add this function!



Please add the ability to save the current location in the playlist so that when I turn on Spotify I don't have to search through my list to find what song I was on.  Even a bookmark would be useful.  thanks.

Love to listen to audio books on spotify. But really missing this feature when listened to music meanwhile.

Must have feature in audio books!!!


This would be nice to have.


This idea needs only 10 more kudos to get another review from the staff.