[All Platforms] Setting for max Cache Size Allowance

The android version of Spotify currently doesn't have a setting for how much disk space the cache is allowed to take up, so it just keeps getting larger and larger until the entire drive is full. 


A music streaming app should not need several gigabytes of  drive space. Give us the option to cap this - getting real tired of getting told I'm out of disk space and having to manually wipe it.


7.31 GB of 12 GB inter SD Card used by Spotify cache. Total free 356 MB!

Thanks for nothing!

Why do I've to manage the max cache size manually?!


Have a good day anyway "mister anger"

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Thanks Kalmora. Just voted for it.


Can I kindly ask you and everyone interested on this topic to also vote on https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Play-Songs-from-Offline-Cache/idc-p/450694... ?


Not only it would help to be able to play cached songs when offilne, without the need to explicity mark them for download (at the end they are already available in the device) but also to be able to "download" it from the cache, if available, instead of downloading it again from spotify servers. This would be as simple as turn a cached song into a downloaded one.


In fact, there could be even only one unified storage for all songs cached in the device. As long as the song is available should be possible to play it. There could be only one distinction. Permanently cached songs (the ones explicitly marked as downloaded, which are never automatically removed) and expirable/temporary cached songs (from regular listening, with the LRU automatically removed when space is needed for new ones to keep it below max cache size limit).


There are seveal similar posts like this.


This one on the other side is about cache management and a more complete and long running solution of the annyoing issue of spamming the space by Spotify.

When using Spotify on an Android phone, over time, Spotify cache fills all the space available to it (several GB). After storage is filled, I need to delete all Spotify data from my phone, then log in again. This makes Spotify freeze several times, and takes half an hour altogether. This happens once about two weeks on a 16 GB phone (Huawei P8 Lite). Storage management features cannot touch Spotify caches.

Please develop the Spotify mobile app to do one of the following:

*    Make Spotify cache available for third party cache management apps (e.g. the one shipped by the phone OEM) to be deleted.
*    Limit Spotify cache to a reasonable size (< 1 GB) at all times.
*    Make a setting that allows an user to limit cache size.
*    Make a button that allows users to delete the Spotify cache without the user being logged out (or Spotify crashing)
*    Make the cache deletion experience less painful. (Delete cache button -> progress bar -> Done, please log in again -> Log in activity)

See also

* https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Android-Cache-management/td-p/4363349

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* https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Mobile-quot-Delete-Cache-only-quot-Option/idi-p/3064288


THe issue pesists. I've to clear the cache MANUALLY twice a month. Sometimes I just notice it, because Spotify spams the space so everything crashes. So Spotify is causing really trouble!


Hi community and Spotify people,


This is a very critical issue and 100% of the mobile users suffer from this. A mobile application simply cannot keep using more and more disk space, especially when we are talking about a popular application like this.


Cache size limit has to be a relatively simple feature to implement. I can see from the Ideas section that a setting for maximum cache size has been suggested multiple times - one active ticket here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Setting-for-max-cache-size-allowance/idi-p...


I would like to hear a status update from Spotify about this. What's the schedule for this feature?




I would like to hear whether this feature has been scheduled? This is a critical issue that needs to be handled.

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Of course a music streaming service doesn't need untold gigabytes of storage. Depending on the device, a user might have limited storage.

Also, my Android phone software updates became impossible because Spotify had filled up the device memory. The only way to get the device memory back was to uninstall the app and install it back again.




Are there any Spotify representatives following this community? If there is some other channel to bring development ideas / bug reports in, please let me know. I would not like to repeat myself but there's still an unanswered question above.


To be honest, if this issue is not handled or even responded I think I'll have to vote with my feet and stop paying for Premium after almost ten years.