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[Daily Mix] Customization: Create / Remove / Add / Merge Mixes

Daily Mixes is one of the best additions to Spotify yet, but as all new features it has room for a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to customizing your mixes. Right now mixes are enterily dependent on algorithms, however I think users should have a degree of personal input on how mixes are built. For example, it would be great if users could select a couple of songs and then have Spotify create a mix based on those songs. It would also be great if users could remove a mix and replace it with another, or merge different mixes into one. For example, Spotify created two different EDM mixes for me, one based on house music, and another based on tech house tracks. I find that a little redundant and I would like to merge both mixes into one. There's also another mix which is a weird combination of ambient, IDM, downtempo and indie rock tracks (?). I would like to split that mix in two, one for indie rock and another for IDM, downtempo and ambient music. And then there's a pop/R&B mix which I'd like to replace entirely with a jazz music mix, since I don't listen to that much mainstream pop and R&B music in the first place.


Expanding the number of daily mixes to 8 would be great as well, since 6 mixes doesn't quite cover the variety of music I tend to listen to. Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must.

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can create your own generated mixes by selecting Radio on any track, album or song you like - which will generate a playlist of similar songs. As mentioned in the idea, you could make a playlist of a couple of songs and then select 'Radio' by clicking the three dots to make your own funky mix. 


We have no further information on removing unwanted Daily Mixes, but we'll keep this idea open and keep you posted of any news here. 




 Really need an option to remove songs from a daily mix. Anyone know how to do this or is this a critical missing feature?



Please, let us delete the lists. I have 6 list since I start using Spotify some moths ago. Now I never listen that songs but the lists are there, stopping spotify from creating new ones....


I made the mistake of listening to a song or two that I don't care for, because I was making a point to a friend.  (A music discussion.)  As a result, I now have two new Daily Mixes with music I despise.  I can't delete them and so my account is much less attractive to me.  I'm tempted to just cancel Spotify.  This Daily Mix feature is potentially great, but it should give a user the option to "opt-in" to the process and edit/delete Daily Mixes. 


I accidentally deleted my favourite artist from my daily mix. I think the way of deleting songs or entire artists' discography from the daily mix isn't really intuitive, it would be better to put a kind of pop-up message which tells you "By continuing, all this artist's songs will be deleted from your daily mix forever. Are you sure?". Then I think users shoul be more free to manage and organize their dailiy mix by including manually songs they like. I know the daily mix have to update and change constantly because this is its nature, the reason it was created for, so the songs I included manually could be considered a "suggestion" for the algorithm. Also, in this way I could insert again in my daily mix some artists or song I accidentally deleted. I really think the way the daily mix is organized and managed right now is really full of conceptual mistakes and bad drawbacks which make users' experience way too worse than how it could be.

I hope Spotify's development team will fix the situation following these ideas.

Thank you for your attention.


My daily mixes SUUUUUUUCK!!!!!  I'm SO sick and tired of the same songs playing over and over and over again!  And I'm sick of having 2 playlists full of junk I don't even listen to.  I keep listening to various content, but it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to my Daily Mixes.  I thought these were cool at first, now I think they're just annoying and suck.


Please. Just PLEASE let us DELETE the mixes. I have all kinds of stuff in my mixes that i have never even listened to. I have country and i hate country. 


Agree. In general users should to a grater extend be able to control the content of the mixes by adding info/inputs to the algoritms for a specific mix. This does also apply to radio which is pretty limited today. 


In my case, I have 2 daily mix too similar, so it would be great also to be abble to reset one and give it a different "taste" 😉


I agree. Relatedly, two of my mixes are very similar, arguably both in the reggae genre. Perhaps a feature allowing me to merge mixes together would be appropriate. Conversely, interests change, and there are two mixes I never play; instead, they were added when I was playing a variety of songs for friends and they really aren't part of my daily playing. 


Please enable this. Im sick of the daily mixes sugested