[Desktop] IPv6 support for the desktop client

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It would be highly desirable to make sure that the desktop client can work on Ipv6-only networks as they are becoming operation reality (a number of large entrerprise networks like Cisco and Microsoft have piloted IPv6-only corporate networks).


As it's been mentioned in the previosuly posted incarnations of this idea, the mobile client works just fine and Fastly supports IPv6.



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I'm able to make it (partially) work on Mac OS by turning on an IPv4 interface when I launch the client, then turning it off again.  It complains that it is offline, but it still seems to function just fine.  I suspect that at least making this work over NAT64 is something really simple that someone just overlooked.


Yes, native IPv6 support is really important, but there is no excuse for software that won't at least function over NAT64 + DNS64


Why do I care?  I manage an ISP network with limited IPv4 resources that we cannot replenish.  We will need to deploy customers with IPv6 only before the end of 2021, but it's stupid software like this that is going to make that job very difficult.  Now I have to start to look at 464 XLAT and other things to work around problems that other people have created, instead of companies just fixing their infrastructure and code.

$host is an alias for is an alias for has address

why is the akamai CDN domain has become IPv4 only? this domain had been dual-stacked previously.


I found it when debugging on why suddenly downloads had become slow.