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[Desktop] IPv6 support for the desktop client

Resubmitting  the same idea as:

submitted previously by @sdstrowes


It would be highly desirable to make sure that the desktop client can work on Ipv6-only networks as they are becoming operation reality (a number of large entrerprise networks like Cisco and Microsoft have piloted IPv6-only corporate networks).


As it's been mentioned in the previosuly posted incarnations of this idea, the mobile client works just fine and Fastly supports IPv6.



Updated on 2021-06-13

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@tijes - I wondered about the cache also.  I just tried clearing the cache and all downloaded songs, then picked a playlist that I have never played before, in a genre I don't normally listen to.  Playlist loaded fine and playback started quickly.  I tried a few different types of playlist, and I remember when I posted here a few years ago, none of that worked - it would just sit and spin.


Ok, so maybe macos is fixed? Haven't tried windows/Linux in 3 months, so maybe I should check again.


So I just gave it a try: Windows client is still broken in IPv6-only networks, even with NAT64. Still requires actual IPv4 connectivity.