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[Desktop][Other] Option to maximize album cover in fullscreen

I suspect this was an oversight in the latest update, but the album cover is now tiny in full-screen mode, making room for the background on the artist's profile instead. There seems to be no way to maximize the album cover, which I'd rather be looking at. I'd like that option back!


Updated on 2021-08-03

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@deftones22 : SORRY, but you write "full screen album art" in Spicetify and you added screenshots. WHAT A **bleep**! That is NOT fullscreen cover, it is just the same small cover that Spotify shows but with a blurry background of the cover. That's not what this IDEA is about. The idea requests to have full screen high resolution cover art! Like Cover in 3000px in the width or so and display it on black background. See Tidal!


We are now in year 2023. And I just do not understand, why you guys cannot make it. I mean it cannot be to diffucult to implement the option to maximize the album cover. One click, done. Please Spotify make it happen. Artist put a lot of work into their album cover. Please appreciate this!!! 


Consider this fact: here we are in 2023 still asking to have full screen album art as a simple option, yet it still has not been implemented. Yet, Spotify wants access to ALL of my personal photos. Do the math here: Spotify is first and foremost a DATA collection company, secondly a music streaming service. This album art feature is easily implemented, yet isnt. Asking for access to YOUR personal photos has nothing to do with streaming music. Actions speak louder. 


Where are we on this Spotify. I've been a premium user for years and I want to see large album art. Why is this so difficult to accomplish?  Is there some licensing issue that only allows you to use the small art?  Please give us some kind of update.


Instead of just having a small pop up of the album cover at the bottom, the cover shows up as full screen. Just like on the app on phones.


what's happening with this? this is so important for everyone, you have no excuse to leave it the way it is, change it back please.

everyone in my life is using spotify, out of all of them only my uncle was indifferent about this, everyone else (200+) all wanted the option to see the artwork in full detail. I'm sure most of your users care about this but just don't know/bother to come here and complain. we are paying costumers! we deserve more! especially, in this economy...


Album art is such an integral part of music experience, and the fact that we don't even have an option to view them bigger on fullscreen after more than two years is absurd. Surely an aesthetic tweak wouldn't be that hard to implement?


You have got to be kidding me with this latest update? Do you hate us? How is it possible that you have now made the album art even SMALLER!!!! then it was before????


It seems like one of your spiteful engineers read this many years old (and completely ignored) thread and thought "f these guys... they want big art??? I'll shrink the art just to **bleep** them off!" 


Wow, I can't believe it. Maybe let's just totally remove the album covers and save the storage, Spotify?) Who cares about these indiscernible tiny icons anyway)


Spotify, We can say you can faack off. Thank you, We are the stupids that pay you. Thank you for joking with us and the artists. Idiotic update. There's no people around these updates they're bots automated to **bleep** music enthusiast clients off.