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[Desktop][Playlists] Have both "make collaborative" and "invite collaborator" features

Myself and many other Spotify users were evidently upset last month when Spotify changed their collaborative feature.


While some users may prefer the newer option of inviting select people, others of us loved the old feature and are finding this change to negatively impact our Spotify experience. After all - if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

We liked being able to set and forget - allowing whoever may be following or stumbling across our account to add/change our playlists. That's why we had them public!


SO instead of removing the feature to collaborate and only allowing us to invite, why not incorporate BOTH features?  A "make collaborative" and an "invite collaborators" feature.  To satisfy both parties - please bring back the Make Collaborative feature!!!

Updated on 2022-05-09

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Hey guys!

Thanks for voting. Please feel free to share this page to get more votes. According to Spotify, we need 180+ votes in under 6 months to get this brought to their attention! We're currently at 68 in one month - let's keep it up!!! 😊

Can you bring back the "Make Collaborative / Collaborative Playlist " function / option.  That is much easier to use than updated version where you have to invite collaborators. 
I just spent 1 hr troubleshooting "Invite Collaborators" function - works for some friends and not others.  And 24 hrs time limit makes no sense whatsoever.  Collaboration should not have a time limit.

Thanks for making this suggestion. The music community that I am involved in has been creating monthly collaborative playlists since 2011 and there were never any issues or problems. Now that Spotify changed the collaborative feature, it is impossible to maintain. Links expiring after 24-hours is nonsense. In the past, I created the playlist, made it collaborative and shared a single playlist ID to the members of the community. Easy. Now, if someone doesn't activate their link within 24 hours, it's no longer any good and guess what? I have to send another. And another. And another. It's ridiculous. People have lives, take vacations; they aren't always able to access a link within a 24-hour time frame. 


Very much missing the free collaborative tool for everyone. Sure it gets messy, but it serves a wonderful purpose noe the less. Bring back open collaboration as well as keep collab by invite only.


Yes, please bring back the old collaborative playlists. We usually use the collaborative playlists in parties and gatherings and we send the link with the invitation. This new feature has totally killed the collaborative lists for us.


Yeah, the current way is definitely a huge inconvenience. A 24hr limit should be optional


Yes! This feature needs to be reinstated. I'm a business owner that used this feature on a weekly basis with our clients. It was imperative that they were able to make any changes to playlists/song selections before we legally purchased music for them. The new update has not been convenient at all for our clients - who are now getting frustrated. I've had to search for other options (YouTube Music seems like the most viable right now) to combat this issue and am thinking about just getting a free plan for Spotify moving forward. 


Not to mention, from a personal standpoint, my friends and I had great collaborative playlists that we've built over the years. Resending a link every 24 hours to access a playlist defeats the purpose of what a collab playlist is supposed to be.

Please have this feature returned to us! 


Hey guys, please continue to share this idea with those who you collaborated with! If we get 180+ votes in under 6 months, this gets brought to Spotify's attention and hopefully changes are made - we're so close!


I use this feature to create collaborative playlists with my students that we listen to during class (like group work or independent work time) so the students can choose the music we listen to. I keep the playlist private so only the students have the link that they can add to, but they can come back and add music anytime throughout the semester. 


The way this is it doesn't work for me anymore, it keeps glitching for me and I couldn't even add a song from my own account, this is making in unnecessarily more complicated. Not to mention a student now has to download the app to even add a song to the playlist when before they only needed an account. The fact that they can't add on the web browser is a huge problem, as well as a fact that the link expires to invite collaborators. 


I'm going to have to switch to youtube premium from Spotify if this doesn't get fixed because they do have collaborative playlists still and I'd like to get rid of adds. 


Great idea. I had a publically collaborative playlist that was receiving grief, so I made it private briefly, but now I am simply unable to reopen the playlist for public additions again. Instead, I can only generate an invitational link that expires, two barriers that I have never experienced before, and that I never anticipated.


I was growing interest in my playlist through Reddit, but now it is simply infeasible to continue collaborating in this way whatsoever.