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[Desktop][Playlists] Have both "make collaborative" and "invite collaborator" features

Myself and many other Spotify users were evidently upset last month when Spotify changed their collaborative feature.


While some users may prefer the newer option of inviting select people, others of us loved the old feature and are finding this change to negatively impact our Spotify experience. After all - if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

We liked being able to set and forget - allowing whoever may be following or stumbling across our account to add/change our playlists. That's why we had them public!


SO instead of removing the feature to collaborate and only allowing us to invite, why not incorporate BOTH features?  A "make collaborative" and an "invite collaborators" feature.  To satisfy both parties - please bring back the Make Collaborative feature!!!

Updated on 2022-05-09

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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I really want the "make collaborative" feature re-instated please.

My friends and clients work on playlists with me for months. People are added iteratively to my collaboration as they go. I cannot be tasked with making new links for the hundreds of people that can collaborate on each playlist. This breaks one of the best features of the Spotify for me.


The chance of "wrongdoing" in one of my playlists is so minute that, to me, it's not even worth considering in relation to the immense upside of continual, growing, excited collaboration. I'm sure there are some instances wherein tampering with a playlist could be detrimental, but the cost of rolling collaboration here is immense!


I can see a solution being: 1) re-establishing the "make collaborative" feature as continually collaborative and 2) having the "invite collaborators" be there for 24 access. 


The fact that this doesn't have even more traction still boggles my mind. 

Anyone that looks this issue up, like the OP! We need to get this back ASAP! 



Please bring this feature back. 🤡


Please bring the collaborative button back.  I dont want to have to invite friends.   It was easier the old way.  


I really missed this feature . I always thought it was a great feature in which you have many people to add music to your playlists. Please bring this feature 


  1. I completely agree as well. I don't see what the downside would be to having your playlists available to be either collaborative/non-collaborative as well as public/private.                                        Don't get me wrong, I think adding the invite feature was actually a good idea, in fact would probably have helped Spotify a lot at the time (especially with all of the negative reviews and even social reactions I've been hearing about Spotify, this probably being one of the issues, I'm guessing) if not for getting rid of the making collaborative feature, which me and clearly a lot of others found completely unnecessary.

I truly cannot understand why the change was made to completely remove the ability to make permanently publicly collaborative playlists. I would really be curious to hear from the product team about what type of data supported this decision because this is a necessary functionality and was a unique feature that differentiated Spotify from its competitors, which is no longer the case. This change alone is enough to have my friends and family cancel their premium subscriptions and look for another music streaming platform that does support this functionality.


I understand that with the rise in content creators' use of public playlists and a need for certain individuals to moderate or maintain playlists that the current option is needed. However, at the very least, please add in the ability to invite collaborators and manage their roles AND the ability to use the old option to make a playlist permanently public so others can add/remove songs. Thank you for your consideration.




i miss the old collaborative playlist option, it isn't for everyone which is why i suggest for there to be 2 different types


1. to only allow their friends to add to it. 2. to allow any spotify user to add/ remove songs from it