[Desktop/Webplayer] - Daily Mix dislike button

According to this https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Mac/No-Dislike-Button-in-Daily-Mix/td-p/4840532

and this https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Discovering-New-Music-useless-no-DISLIKE-button/td-...


Dislike button helps people to directly manipulate their preferences.

Please return this useful feature.

Updated on 2020-06-12

Hi everyone,

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The main point is that, this functionality existed and still exists (i.e. Release Radar mix). And given the unpredictability of artists' categorization like mixing the metal band Polar with the rapper Polar isn't helping things. Minor annoyance yes, but the minor annoyances are piling up.


It is so ridiculous to remove this function and takes years to procrastinate. I guess the fundamental reason why they removed the function is the music companies don't like this and don't allow people to ignore their songs.


ridiculous that this hasn't been updated yet


I am so sick and tired of paying for a service where I have no control to dislike songs in the daily mixes.  Recently I've been getting absolute garbage in my daily mixes and I want control over this.  Otherwise what the heck am I really paying for???


On the mobile version you can hide songs you don't want from Daily Mix by clicking the three dots next to the song, but annoyingly this can't be done on the desktop for some reason (vote for that here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/Desktop-Other-Block-Artists-feature-on-desktop/idi-p/5...)  

Even though (thankfully) they brought back the ability to hide songs, it is still not user friendly.  Why can't we have a simple, easily visible/accessible thumbs up and down button again? 

Because I like Black Sabbath, Spotify keeps putting Iron Maiden into my playlist---I do not want that... Now I am worried if I don't manage to remove or skip these songs fast enough, they will corrupt the algorithm further and appear more and more!  

There should also be both back and forward buttons and like/dislike buttons on the iphone home screen.  For some reason there is only a forward button on the home screen on iphones for playlists... sometimes we may want to hear something again...really strange to just not have it in some instances. 

If you want us to remain loyal to spotify, give us some agency-- It isn't exactly "Made for You" if you cannot have any say in what you actually like. 


I really love the Daily Mixes but there is one simple function that is not available. I can't remove a single song from the auto-generated Daily Mix playlist! Just let me delete the songs I don't like out of the playlist. You will never get the AI perfect, although it is pretty good! Just let me take out single songs so I can be happy.
NOTE - I looked through several years of suggestions and there are dozens of suggestions that INCLUDE this idea that are marked duplicate, and inactive because they don't get 500 likes or 100 likes per year. But please make this a NEW IDEA because I am simplifying to one simple BASIC feature that everyone knows should be there.


The fact that we are unable to block or ensure we do not hear certain songs and artists in inaccessible to PC users in 2021 is astoundingly indefensible.