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I'm really missing the alphabet scroll bar for artists and songs on the iPhone Spotify app. Please return this feature!


Updated on 2019-09-17

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


The A-Z scroll bar is back on iOS, under the Artist tab on Your Library. 


We can see that there are users requesting this feature on Android too, so we'll keep the status as 'Not Right Now', so you can keep adding your votes. 


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




This is not a new idea. This is a request to restore an existing, useful feature that was removed and that has no suitable replacement. It wasn't in the way, and it caused no problems. Please bring it back.


The loss of this feature means I've been spending more time listening to fewer albums since it disappeared. I'm guessing the intention is for us to use the "Find" feature to go straight to what we're looking for, which is fair. But the alphabet scroll made it much easier to browse, when you're not sure what you're looking for. Unfortunately, this, with other recent changes, has made browsing a far less enjoyable experience. Hope you reconsider.


Yes please, at least let us choose what we want.


PLEEAASSEE return this feature to us!! 

I use Spotify everyday to teach my dance classes, and not having the alphabet toggle feature on the side is very frustrating and takes away time and focus from my classes 😣 


PLEASE bring this back. I have looked everywhere for any sort of justification from you guys as a whole as to why it was removed. Having almost 200 albums saved, it's a chore when I'm trying to find one to pop on when I first get in the car. Scrolling up to type in something is not a compelling replacement in user-friendly design for something I could more easily scroll down and find with the old alpha system; something that nearly every other music player has. The only reason I could imagine you guys removing this is due to Apple Music intervening with your interests. If this was an uncoerced decision made by Spotify, I am baffled as to how this was allowed to happen.

Casual Listener


Casual Listener

This feature is critical for those with huge artist or song lists.


Also for folks who can't remember song titles (Library allows for 10,000 songs... can you remember 10,000 song titles?) this is critical. My use of spotify has plummeted since the update and as disgusting as it sounds I have gone back to Pandora.... the lowest totem on the user friendliness scale.


I will be opening up another idea of having multiple UI "skins" for users based on their needs.

Music Fan

I don't know how this was removed unless the new UI update changed how songs and artists were indexed on the back end. Still, this should be an easy fix and simple feature to add back. 

Casual Listener

Removing this feature was one of the biggest UX mistakes Spotify have made to date.  Please remember that your subscribers are using your app while driving, whether or not you want us to.  Forcing me to scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll through all my Abba, Beatles, Chicago, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Elton John, Falco, ... (you get the point) just to listen to Zamfir while I'm hurtling down the highway north of 100 kph is making an already questionably-sane situation even more dangerous.


Please add this back! Not having the alphabet scroll bar means that people have to scroll through the entire playlist if they want to listen to anything beginning with the latter alphabets - it will make UX much more enjoyable and convenient 🙂

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