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[Other] Bookmark audio books and separate them from music

Please implement bookmarks for audio books and separate them from music.


There was an idea for bookmarks in audio books. Sadly it was closed, because one half of the idea (save the position in podcasts) has been implemented, even though nearly all of the 30 pages was about people wanting this for audio books.


As the moderator posted "If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this.", so this is it.


There are many other audio book bookmarks requests, but they were all closed as duplicates because of the now closed idea. 


As an additional aspect to this, please ensure a separate handling / tagging of audio books and music. When alternating between listening to audio books and music the Spotify engine starts putting book chapters in your recommendation playlists, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


01/2023: It's astonishing that Spotify keeps steadfast in ignoring this simple and annoying issue. Getting a best of 2022 list with chapters of audio books still isn't a good idea. 



Updated on 2020-02-24

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



I have found a couple of audio books I enjoy listening to. The challenge I keep having is have to continuously skip to find my exact point I reached if I jump to another song or playlist midway in my audio book


Ich möchte gern nach Unterbrechung eines Hörbüch, durch zwischenzeitliches hören von Musik, an der gleichen Stelle fortsetzen können. Bei sämtlichen Streamingdiensten von Filmen und Serien ist dies Standard.

Vielen Dank 

I listened to some audio books recently and now my Release Radar, that I very much appreciate, shows me tons of random chapters from random audiobooks. My last Release Radar just had 4 Songs, the rest was all random audio books chapters!

Is there a way to get a music only Release Radar? (Yes, the obvious solution would be to stop listening to audiobooks on Spotify, but apart from that).

Hey there @DestyNova


Thanks for getting in touch about this and welcome to the Community! 


Would you mind sending us your Release Radar's URI? We'll take a closer look. 


Additionally, sending us a screenshot of how it looks like on your end would come in handy. You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert image option in the post editor. Make sure not to send any private info.

We'll be waiting for your reply. 




Thanks a lot for looking into this. Here's the URL:

I also added a screenshot.


Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-18 um 22.48.02.png

@DestyNova, no the obvious solution would be for Spotify to finally, finally sort out their handling of audiobooks!

People have been complaining about this for years and just nothing gets done.


it's hard to take seriously as an audiobook platform any platform that does not have the ability to add bookmarks. Maybe Spotify needs audiobooks to be on here for some reason other than the user experience? Listening to audiobooks requires using bookmarks, full stop.


It would also be nice to be able to attach a note to bookmarks like in Audible. I really need that for books!


I was thinking about you as an alternative to audible. I am not now unless you add a bookmark feature. I was lead here for them by Brandon Sanderson, whose books I quite enjoy, but I'm nit going to listen to his 55hour+ epics without them.


It is absurd that you dont have one. It's not really a feature, so much as a basic function of audiobooks. I currently have 3 other audiobook apps on my phone, and have tried many others. EVERY SINGLE OTHER ONE HAS BOOKMARKS. Even both incarnations of the Free Public Library app have always had bookmarks. 


Glad I found this posted idea as it means I need not hold my breath for a bookmarking feature in Spotify.

It means i simply will not listen to audiobooks. I'll happily go back to Audible and Libby (free audiobooks from my library).

Without bookmarking, I can't really use the sleep timer feature because without bookmarking at the same time as engaging the timer, I later have to search around for where I left off. Too much work and the other apps have perfected this. Will keep Spotify to music for now.