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[Playlists] Play multiple selected Playlists

Sometimes I'm getting tired of listening to a specific playlist or style, so I want to listen to a mix of playlists.
It would be great to have a function to select multiple playlists to play.

Updated on 2019-01-15

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I came here to suggest this, only to find it has been languishing in limbo since 2015?


Such a simple thing. Take a daily mix, and shuffle it with another daily mix, or one of my own playlists, or an album I'm into. Seems pretty straightforward and easy. As opposed to automatically connecting to Waze, or turning on drive mode, or suggesting to turn on drive mode constantly...



You absolutely must make this an option along with selecting and playing music folders/etc on mobile/pc. We should be able to add any list to our queue for free so we don't have to put them all in one playlist anyways to do the same. You would save so many people who have playlist genres, moods, and favorite artists so much trouble if they could select which folders, playlists, artists, albums, radios, and so on they want to shuffle On BOTH mobile and personal computers. If you have folders without this function on mobile what is the point of adding them to folders when you can't listen to them all. It's 2019 and Spotifys vision is getting fogged with the same old music playing in one playlist or even worse, a few singles playing on repeat in one sub-playlist. Greatful for all the awesome music but it's time to make a change. If this is not a feature perceived in 2020 I'm switching apps. Happy national app day guys. Let's hope they'll actually listen this time. 

A feature that would show which songs are already in a playlist or folder you created would be nice. So far it only shows if it is added to the same playlist. A list of playlists it is added to would be nice in a pop-up. Kind of like a pinterest pin. 


I'd love to make a new playlist "C" that is the union  of playlist "A" and playlist "B", and have it automatically include new songs I add to each. I have a few playlists that are combinations of others already, but I have to do it manually, and update both when I add new songs. I know I could save them as folders, but that overloads the functionality of folders, and it forces union-folder-playlists to sit at the bottom level of whatever directory they're in.


Intersection and difference would be great, too.


They should just open source the client so we don't have to beg for features only to get ignored.


@chandwki +1,000,000 to that comment 


I would love a feature where you could shuffle 2 or more playlists together without permanently combining them. The only similar thing I can think of is the feature on Quizlet where you can study two flashcard sets at the same time, but they remain separate sets when you finish. It would work the same way - the songs in the playlists would completely shuffle for the listening session, but the respective playlists would remain intact.


EDIT: Here is an example of a time when this feature would be useful: "Chill playlist" and "upbeat playlist" are in the same folder, while "bedtime playlist" and "wakeup playlist" are in another folder. But maybe you want to shuffle "chill + bedtime" when you're working, or "wakeup + upbeat" if you're cleaning the house! The possibilities are endless, which is why I think a feature as described above would be best.


Maybe there is a "Shuffle with..." option when you right click a playlist, or maybe you can drag and drop one playlist on another one and then it prompts you giving the option to add anymore playlists to the listening session, just shuffle those two, or cancel altogether.

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Updated on 2020-04-13

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Great idea ! I thought about it many times, would be very handy

This could be implemented by allowing a play button on playlist folders. Maybe make playlist folders visible for people so they can shuffle entire libraries at once?