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[Radio] AM/FM Radio Streaming

A suggestion like this has already been marked inactive, but I do believe that Spotify can be made a more complete service by incorporating AM and FM radio channel streaming. If it would be possible to add stations in to the radio feature, perhaps separating stations into two categories, live radio and Spotify radio, then Spotify would truly become the chosen one, giving users access to virtually every legal music listening service on the market. Listeners could use the feature for new popular music, news, and talk entertainment. Similar to the way the feature currently works, listeners could save their favorite stations, and browse through lists organized by genre, location, or amplitude/frequency. Feedback from people familiar with the way that radio stations would react to third-party streaming would be particularly appreciated to solve the business end of this proposal. Let's get this second attempt at implementing a good feature a shot at getting off the ground!

Updated on 2017-08-23

Hey @Rhuidel thanks for bringing your idea to the Spotify Idea Exchange. We don't have any plans to add AM/FM Radio options to Spotify at this time. We're going to mark this idea as 'Not Right Now', but it's still open for votes and feedback. If we have any updates on this we'll post here again, thanks!

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2015-12-21

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


This would compete with TuneIn Radio... not a bad idea at all


I love this idea. And if that means that you can use your spotify connect enabled devices to listen to streaming radio with the spotify app it would be perfect!!!


I would also love the ability to listen to real radio stations. Mostly I listen Spotify but a few times to radio and it would be great to have all in one single app.


Yes, great idea. "One Audio App To Rule Them All."


This is needed so that I can remember my favorite songs on the radio. Just click save to keep on hearing it.

There is a unique live radio search engine/app called that Spotify should look at. It does something new and useful -- you can search for a particular song and the app then takes you right to a station that's playing it. If no station is playing it, you can have the app send you a notification when the song starts playing somewhere. It's pretty cool and I'd like to see Spotify incorporate it!

 Does anyone still care about AM/FM radio any more? I sure don't, however I would love to be able to listen to intrenet stations on tunein through Spotify. So I kudos this idea.


Internet radio would be great


OK I can get it elsewhere but with Connect I can cast it to a couple of other devices in the home and hence get internet radio in every room - as it stands there is a delay between iTunes radio, DAB and internet radio over the network so one single source would solve that problem.


If it gets enuf traction they will add the feature so, hey add a comment

Such a feature would be awesome, so I could use my headless Spotify-Connect devices to play Internet-Radio stations too.