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[Subscription] Student Discount in Quebec

Hi everyone,


I woke up this morning to Spotify's Student Discount email, which made me glad.., until I found out that it's not available in Quebec. As the voice of all Quebeckers, I would like to address Spotify's Team to make it available in Quebec too. We're a part of Canada as much as the rest of the provinces.


Thank you,


Fatih Yilmaz

Updated on 2023-08-08

Hey folks,


We apologize for any confusion we have caused. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer the student discount in Quebec at this time.

As soon as this changes we’ll post back here with an update.


Hey all 🙂

Can we know why we cant have all premium stuff if we live in Québec ?

Maybe we can help has citizen. I mean we ahve the right to know


Apple is able to offer 5$ discount to Quebec students. 


Can anyone tell us what are the local circumstances ? Provincial Government, CRTC, Etc.


Come on Spotify ! Hop on it already ! Apple music is able to offer a discount, why aren't you ? 🙂 Mind providing us with details regarding these restrictions ? (everyone on this board is wondering) Thanks !

We need explanations please. I feel discriminated right now.


I agree this is unfair! Spotify please needs to look into this further we are Canadian residents too! 


Province of Quebec doesn't let Spotify to subject the clients to automatic renewal of subscription and Spotify doesn't like that because of their interest for money, therefore it's  not available in Quebec!!!  Voilà! Moi suis d'accord avec le province du Québec!


 Thank you @romeoandthecrow, short and sweet 🙂


As for @meahtenoha, that wasn't such a hard answer now was it? ;




And now ?


Quick question Spotify Staff, since it has been a year, has it been updated yet? I'd like to know because this is a great offer that I would like to have..