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[Android] App freezes/crashes when clicking on three-dot menu in playlist




United Kingdom


Umidigi F1

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

spotify crashes when you click the 3 dots to add to playlist, share ,view artist. etc

Changes were implemented to fix this issue for most common Android models.


Our backstage data combined with received votes and reports on this thread seem to indicate that the changes were successful for a majority of the userbase.

Unfortunately, we're aware that there're still some models with specific Android ROMs that are still experiencing the crash. At this time, we are not able to provide a fix that covers the full range of Android phones.


We'll be continuing our efforts to improve compatibility, but cannot guarantee that your specific device will be affected. As such, we'll be stopping the regular updates of this thread and are marking it as case closed.


I have the same problem. Any 3 dot menu that I click, Spotify closes. I've tried reinstall but it didn't work. I'm running Resurrection Remix 7.0, based on Android 9.0.

Spotify version:








Galaxy S6

Operating System

Android 9.0


My Question or Issue

When i click on the three dots song menu nothing appears and then my app crashes. Already reinstall the app, clean cache, disable blue light filter.


Been having this issue as of lately. Weak sauce. Also, I'm not a robot Spotify. 


I'm having exactly the same problem, spent an hour in chat with customer support and he had no clue, complete waste of time they just made me uninstall reinstall 3 times log in with their test profile, clear caches all the standard things any kid knows and was basically told my phone that was only released 5 months ago (oukitel c15 pro running Android 9) was the problem and couldn't handle the updates which is complete bs asked to speak to supervisor was told they'd email me in 24 hours, it's now been 2 days and nothing. Not impressed was an early adopter of Spotify and have always loved it but this experience has made rethink wether the $180 a year I'm paying is really worth it considering as soon as there's a problem Spotify's answer is to blame the user rather than admit any faults or errors.


Just thought I'd give updatean update.

If you would like someone to actually attempt a fix be sure to email

I've been going back and forth with since yesterday and this what they've asked for so far, chat support didn't ask for any of this info so I thought I could potentially save others having this issue the time I've wasted on chat support and at least a couple of emails just be sure to include all this in your initial email.


So we can help you further, we would need a little more information about what’s happening first. 
Please let us know:
  • Your platform and operating system (including the OS version/number), e.g. Mac Sierra 10.12, Windows 7, iPhone 6S, Android 7.0 etc.
  • The version of Spotify you're running (you'll find this under About Spotify in the app's settings).
  • Is this happening over WiFi? 3G/4G? Both?
  • How much storage you have left on your device?
  • Do you use any cache-clearing or task-killing apps?
  • Is there an external SD card installed on your device? 
  • A full description of the issue, with as much detail as possible.
  • How long you've had this issue.
  • What actions led to it happening. 
  • Does the issue appear on any other devices that you use Spotify on?
If it's possible to include any screenshots of what's happening, that'd be great too. Just attach them to your reply.
I've given them all that and has replied-
We want to make sure we're on the same page as you, so could you record a video for us demonstrating the issues? We haven't been able to reproduce the issues on any of our devices from different manufacturers, so a video would be very helpful.
They didn't ask for this but I have also included the crash report that pops up after Spotify goes from freeze to full crash, so probably a good idea to add that too.
I have to say that at least they are trying to work it out and that once I emailed directly they have been very professional and responding within a couple of hours.
Hope this helps.

I have the same problem on my F1


Thank god, I thought I was the only one. My F1 updated at around 10pm GMT on Friday and it's been crashing ever since whenever I click that botton.


I'm also having this issue. I updated during the weekend with the latest wireless update and only noticed I can't**bleep** with Spotify anymore.


I can also confirm a friend of mine who also owns an F1 has the same issue.


I got the Same Problem... PLEASE fix, i wanna cry


**bleep** same...I think it's just the umidigi F1's having this issue