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Downloading on Apple Watch stuck at first song

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some users are unable to download music for offline listening on their Apple Watches. The download is stuck on the first song and doesn't progress.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


We'll be keeping everyone up to speed here, so make sure to Subscribe to this thread. 



Hi everyone,


Thank you for your inputs and patience so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.


Spotify, the comms to your customers is poor. This defect has been out there for a long period of time and the users are clearly frustrated with lack of progress, given competitor's processes work fine...


Any meaningful update with timelines please?



One disgruntled customer who will shortly be leaving




@jbfrancis3 I appreciate that you want to help, but turning bluetooth off on my iPhone and adding the playlist to Apple watch does not change anything for me. It still gets stuck at "1 of x...." forever for me. I have excellent wifi at home (google wifi mesh and 1tb network). I've tried several other wifi networks as well without any improvement. 



As I said a long time ago here, I tried everything and I mean everything! What worked for me was impairing and pairing back my watch. Worked first time and continues to watch and is a great feature. 


I will add: after bluetooth is turned off on the iphone, go back to the apple watch and force-quit Spotify app. On my watch, that's pressing down side button, swiping left on the Spotify "square" icon, and clicking red X. Go back and re-open Spotify app on the watch.


Things that seems to really help:

  • If your watch shows only dowloading the first song a gets stuck, kill your Spotify app on your watch: press the right button to show the active apps, get Spotify in front, swipe left and kill it by pressing the red cross. Restart Spotify on your watch and check the download process again.
  • Put your watch on a charger first and then start a download. Let it run for some 10 minutes, take the watch from the charger and inspect the download process.
  • Download the intended songs first to your phone and only then to your watch. 




I have tried all of the mentioned solutions and still no luck. Can’t get past the first song downloading state.


I have successfully gotten a playlist on my watch a couple months ago (another painful experience). I guess I just keep trying all of the mentioned solutions?


Its just disappointing that this feature still feels so buggy after all the time in development and slow rollout. 😔


I noticed that it starts to work for me if I download just 1 playlist at  a time. If I set multiple playlists to download at once it gets stuck at the "downloading" state on all of them. 


I’ve been having these problems since the release of this feature in may. 


Every time Spotify or Apple releases an update I’ve performed the following steps:

  • Restarted my watch
  • Force quitted the app
  • Performed a clean install of Spotify on both my phone and watch.
  • Unpaired/re-paired my watch with the Iphone


I’m a huge fan of Spotify but this is really frustrating. At least, please give us an update on what is happening.


So super frustrated with this. I specifically bough the apple watch to be able to listen to music while running without having to take my phone.

1) Spotify is extremely buggy and very often would just stop playing in the middle of my run. After a long while I found out that keeping the wifi switched off helped— apparently random public wifi triggers Spotify to get confused. Similarly if I forgot to set my watch to Do Not Disturb and I would get a call, Spotify would refuse to play afterwards. Extremely frustrating when you just got into the flow of your run.

2) When finally Download To Watch was released I thought I could finally be done with this**bleep**, but then it turned out that 90% of the time Spotify just plain refuses to download songs— god knows what it's bugging out over.

And sorry, but the "workarounds" are just dumb— who has time for that? Please just get**bleep** together and figure this out, Spotify. It's been a year!


They aren't dumb, they're the only option. What's dumb is you dismissing them, and further thinking that this will be addressed in the near-term. Spotify doesn't even acknowledge the problem. They continue to market the functionality like its a done deal.