Friend Feed not updating correctly

Hi, im not quite sure what's going on with my friend activity and I have been trying to figure it out. The friend activity feed is showing about half the people I am following and is lagging more than usual when someone actually starts listening to a song. I believe it has something to do with it switching over to a "who has recently played music" kind of feed, but I don't know why it would've switched over considering I havent updated the desktop app. Please help! I miss being able to see what everyone has been listening to!

Hey folks, the issue of the Friend Feed not updating should now be fixed for everyone. 


If it is not updating for you (and you can see the Friend Feed) please check the following update.




Hi! My Friend Feed only shows 1 friend and what they are listening to. I used to have close to 50 friends on there, but I am not sure where they went. I have tried the "view" "zoom" solution, as well as chaning my password, updating my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling spotify- and none of them have worked. 

Any Suggestions?


Dang I just realized I had this problem and if all that didn't work then I don't know what will. I really want this problem fixed Spotify please!!!


Mine is doing the same thing... hopefully it's just an issue with the servers and will be back up and running soon! 


I know! I enjoyed seeing what my friends were listening to, and often made my own playlists based off of the music they listened to! I hope that Spotify puts ot a new update soon to fix it! 


Same here. Majority if friends have disappeared in the activity feed. 


Me too - is it something to do with Facebook and the recent security stuff? 


The people missing from my Friend Activity feed seem to be all those who don't have their accounts connected via FB (so don't have a profile pic displayed, and have a user name rather than their own name).  But a few of my FB friends are missing too.  I follow a few hundred people and now I'm only seeing the same 11.


Please fix this Spotify!  The friend feed is a great way to discover music from each other.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for the reports. We've merged some threads together so we can updated everyone at once. 


Could you let us know which version of Spotify you're running, and when this first started happening? Is it only happening on the desktop app?


If you haven't tried it already, does a quick reinstall help the situation? 


Keep us posted!


Thanks Chris!


So in my Spotify Friend Activity feed on the sidebar of the desktop app (, I can now only see 11 out of the 300+ friends I follow, even though I can still see that I'm following all these people in my profile.  This started about 4 or 5 days ago.


All of the people who don't log in via Facebook seem to have disappeared (ie, people who don't have a profile pic and have a Spotify username instead of their FB name), as well as a lot of other FB-linked profiles I follow.


I have tried toggling the sidebar on and off in Display Settings, as well as restarting the app and my computer. I have also tried unfollowing and refollowing people - this seemed to work for one of them, but it put the other person into a new list in the sidebar called 'More Friends' and still didn't show his listening activity.  When I logged out of the app and back in, these newly restored people had disappeared again.


I haven't yet tried reinstalling the app as I am running an older version on my laptop and experiencing the same issue there too.


I log in with Facebook (have also tested logging in with my email and it's the same issue), and my system details are as follows:


iMac 21.5 inch late 2009

3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

OS 10.12.6


It's the same issue on my MacBook Air (13-inch late 2010 / 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo).



I thought the same thing too because the ones I can’t see are almost the ones that don’t have it synced.

I have updated to the most recent version. At first the friends did not appear, but the next morning and the next afternoon they slowly started coming back one by one. Not really sure how, but it appears most of my friends are back. 

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