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[iOS] Cover art + track title is "stuck" on the first track played on BMW head unit

Track titles and cover art is not displayed correctly on BMW (2015) when playing through Bluetooth or the USB interface in the center console.


Symptom: Music plays and it is possible to switch tracks, but the cover art and track title is "stuck" on the first track played. It played great in the past and playing well with other music apps.



(iPhone Xs) Running version 13.3.1

Car: BMW X6M 2015

Hey folks,  


We haven't had any updates for you all in a while and in the interest of keeping this thread updated for other users stumbling upon it, we'll go ahead and mark it as Won't Fix for now. 


Rest assured that we've passed on your reports to the teams around this. This is a very specific issue to this particular device setup with BMW head units and seems to be affecting only a smaller subset of users. However, if you're experiencing something similar but on a different head unit, we'd recommend starting a separate thread here so we can take a look. 


Keep in mind that this doesn't eliminate that a future update of the app could improve things for you, so keeping the app always updated is a great idea.


We do appreciate you taking the time to add your comments in this thread! If we have any further updates for you regarding this, we'll make sure to share them in this thread with you.

Dear Sirs,

Just for information, the issue remains here and recently I've got my car
to the dealer and they said me that all the systems are upgraded.

I tried uninstalling Spotify in the telephone, unpairing Bluetooth in the
car, reconnecting all again and did not worked as well.

I'm really disappointed with the service because in the past there's no
issue like this. Consider you all that Spotify in major cases is a paid
service and the solution for this problem is taking so long.

My iOS and Spotify are in the latest version.


Iphone 11 Pro
BMW 328 Sport 2014
Latest version of all software.


Lauro Nadais

This is an ongoing issue. There is no fix at this time and Spotify is not
acknowledging it. My IOS is up to date. My car software is up to date. I
have installed and deleted Spotify MANY times. Amazon works beautifully
with my car. So it's a Spotify software issue.

I PAY for this service from Spotify. Do you job and fix it. Months later
and nothing.

At least acknowledge it’s a Spotify issue and you’re working on it so customers know what the issue is. 2014 3 series updated software

Latest iPhone pro updated 

latest Spotify updated 

Same problem


I found a solution. I decided to try to update my BMW software by using the instructions in the video below. I was honestly just doing this as a hail mary and it worked. The first USB I used did not work so I used another USB and it worked immediately. Hope it works for you guys too.



Thank you for the reply. I have already updated my car's software. It is
still not working. It was working perfectly in January. Then an update
created this issue that still exists.

I have a 2014 bmw 335i running the latest BMW software update UPD05074 based on my vin number. This is definitely a Spotify  and not an Apple IOS/BMW software issue since this was a problem starting with the last update in Dec-Jan. Please acknowledge or fix the problem. It's so frustrating to paying for a premium service when the service does not care about addressing a well known issue. 





I am the owner of a 2015 BMW 328i xdrive and iPhone 11 Pro and I am having same issues. Everything is up to date including car software. Works great with Apple Music.


I have a friend with a 2015 BMW X3 and iPhone 11 Pro as well. Everything is up to date and we have interchanged cars and phones to see if we could narrow it down. Issue still persists.


I am very disappointed considering I pay for this. Issue started in December and I figured an update would roll out soon to fix the issue. Should have been fixed by now.



Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this to us.


First, we'd recommend trying a clean reinstall of the app on your phone by following the steps here.


If after that you’re still having trouble with this, could you provide us with the following info:

  • device +  exact OS version
  • exact Spotify version
  • when the issue started appearing 

Once we have that, we will pass it on to the relevant team, who will look further into it.




My spotify is also having the same problem now, it was working perfectly fine until January 2020. Apple music streams fine with album cover art/song name change.

-iOS 13.3.1, iPhone 8


-Problem started January 2020, I update my apps automatically so whatever version Spotify would be at during January 2020.


My cover art/song title is also stuck on whatever is currently playing when my phone connects to car bluetooth. It's 2014 bmw 335i

-iPhone 8, iOS 13.3.1


-Started being a problem in January 2020