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BMW iDrive Issue

BMW iDrive Issue




United Kingdom


iPhone 11 Pro Max

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iOS 13.3

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So since yesterday my BMW iDrive is not showing the correct information for any Song, Artist or Album Art, whatever song is playing on Spotify once the car is turned on is the information displayed until the car is restarted again. Is there any reason/fix for this? It's only small but, it's also rather frustrating.



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got the exact same problem here too... just posted a topic of my own as well. hoping a fix will come on the next update.

Hello @mattlyons_


Thanks for all your feedback.


We're still looking into this on our end. We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. Don't forget to inform BMW about this as well.


Have a nice day.

Same problem too...
BMW 328 Sport 2014
Iphone 11 Pro
latest iOS
Idrive updated

Same issue. Album art comes on for the first song and then won’t change afterwards. 2014 535i with updates Spotify app and Idrive software update. 



I am having the exact same problem to this date. Have you gotten any workarounds for this? It works fine with USB conntection, but I’d really like to see this work with Bluetooth as well.


I am running iOS 13.5.1 on iPhone XS Max, with Spotify version Latest software update from BMW as well

Yes. I switched to Apple Music and works fine with it. It sucks that I had to do it that way, but have been pleased with Apple Music over Spotify.

Hi all,


Had the same issue for the past 9 months with my 2014 '64 plate BMW 435d xDrive. Using both iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus (both regularly updated).


Went on to Google today and typed in 'BMW software update' punched in my VIN number and it downloads the latest version for my car. Copy / save it on to USB.

Then go to your BMW, plug in the USB in the centre console (glove box under the arm rest) and then go to BMW iDrive, scroll down to settings, then scroll down to Software Update. Do the update and follow the instructions. Once you turn your car off you have to wait around 10 minutes for the car to turn off all the electrics on the control panel and iDrive and it then says on the iDrive that the engine is being switched off. Once that is done you can turn the car on again and for me (today) both iPhones are working fine.

When I skip the song it now updates the album art and even updates the digital panel on the cluster when I skip the song via the steering wheel function. I'm over the moon as this has been annoying me for months.

Hopefully this sorts your problems out too.

Any feedback? I'm also facing this issue 

I’m also facing this issue now. Thought it was just me

Im currently experiencing the same issue. Any updates? 

Hi folks, Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


We received reports that iDrive stopped working and gave various errors for some users after the last iOS update, bit this should now be fixed.


It would be best if you check if there are any iOS updates available and any BMW software updates and install those.


It's also a good idea to do a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your phone, in case there is some corrupted app data.


Let us know if you're still experiencing the issue after this.

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I have been trying all options to fix this problem. But there is no solution im getting angry day by day. Im using latest version of spotify app and ios. I tried the delete and redownload trick but does now worked dear authorities please help pleaseeee

I am having the same issue. I’ve tried everything. Please help.

Hey there,


Thanks for the replies.


If the issue is still not resolved for you, could you share some device specific information like brand/model and operating system of the mobile device? We'd also need the Spotify version you're using.


In the meantime you can try connecting the mobile device with the car radio using Bluetooth.


Keep us posted,



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I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on 15.5 and using Spotify I use Bluetooth to connect at the album art displays for the first initial song but disappears for all others. It’s been this way for weeks.

##- I have an IPhone XS Max and using IOS 15.5 (19F77) spotify version is 8.7.46 also i always use the bluetooth connection. I have been using so many years and this problem starts 2-3 weeks ago -##

iOS için Outlook<> uygulamasını edinin

Hey there,


Thanks for sharing the device details.


We've relayed them to our tech team and we'll keep you updated once we have more information.



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##- Please fix this issues immediately. Just for this problem i download the apple music app and it runs perfectly but i prefer the use spotify can you please fix this also many users have the same problem -##

iOS için Outlook<> uygulamasını edinin

Are there any updates? This is extremely frustrating and has been going on for over a month. 

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