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Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect

Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect






LG Q6 Alpha

Operating System

Android/Xbox One


My Question or Issue

A week ago i was able to adjust my Xbox's Spotify volume from my phone, but today i was trying the same but i can't, any solutions? Already uninstalled from Xbox and my phone and re-installed it

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iPhone 11/ Xbox One

Operating System

iOS 13.4


My Question or Issue

I've been using Spotify via my xbox when i game, normally i can leave my phone nect to me and skip or change the volume via my phone's volume buttons but as of a few hours ago it wont connect like that anymore. I dont know if this is cause of an update from both or one end or what.

It had its own volume pop up which said it was connected to the xbox and would adjust the volume, it wont show that anymore. Any time i go to change the volume it only changes the volume of my phone and not the audio being played. I already have the audio mixing on the xbox set with more of the game audio then the music but i was to still change the volume rather then the mixing.


As far as trying to fix this, if it is even possible, i have of course turned both my console and phone off and restarted them, i have uninstalled spotify from both and reinstalled, i made sure everything was up to date with the exception of my iOS on my phone. I'd prefer not to upgrade to iOS 14 just yet but if that's my only option then i will but anything else before that will greatly be apricated 

I’m on iOS 14 and have the exact same issue. I’ve also re-downloaded all the apps and that stuff. Would like an answer as well please.

Same here with Huawei P30 Pro. There was a client update for the xbox app, since then the feature is missing. I put the ticket to the support


device + OS version of your mobile phone


Huawei P30 Pro - Android 10 


exact Spotify version.

I am unable to adjust the volume of my Spotify app on my Xbox one though my mobile device.

Same here, it was so nice to be able to actually change the volume properly, now it doesn't work anymore. I can confirm that you can't use a pc to change the volume on your xbox either. Guess I have to get tinnitus now.

I'm on spotify on my Xbox One controlling with my phone, which is an android phone. Note 8 to be exact. I can't change the volume with my phone to turn it down on the Xbox One. Used to be able to but now I can't.  Must be an easy fix. Of course I can turn it down on the TV but this is just for when I'm in another room doing something else. It's nice to be able to turn it down or up when I need to instead of going to the room and turning it down on my TV. 

Same problem here with a Mac And Xbox One, really annoying to have this kind of functionality lost, even if it's for a while.


I just hope it doesn't happen the same that happened to the lyrics on Xbox, they suddenly disappeared and never came back. :c

I am having the same issues connecting to Spotify on my LG TV as outlined in my thread here:


I have a feeling it has to do with the new privacy permissions introduced in iOS 14 regarding connecting to the local network and the Spotify app is not prompting to allow/deny this connectivity.

I am having the same issue, before I could adjust volume from the app. But since updating to android 11 I can no longer do this.
This thread seems to suggest it's a common issue.

I didn't update my phone, ill wait for a update for Spotify or something to solve that issue

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us.


We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.


In the meantime, we'd recommend that you try reinstalling the app on your phone and Xbox, and unlinking the app from the Apps section on your account overview.


For that you can follow the guide on our support page here.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to click +VOTE.


Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.

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Same here, xbox with a Samsung S7 phone.

Please revert this change as quickly as possible. This was my favourite feature as I didn't have to come away from my gaming screen (online gaming especially) .

Hi also experiencing this problem, used to be able to control volume on my xbox through my iPhone. Hope this gets fixed

Please fix this! Its not almost impossible to get a good volume. 

Same issue.

Samsung S20, Xbox 1X. Worked fine a week ago. Now no ability to adjust volume. Which is extremely frustrating as the default volume is very loud.

device + OS version of your mobile phone

Huawei P30 Pro - Android 10 

exact Spotify version.

Premium plan



Was able to control volume on Xbox for spotify on Iphone XR, pc windows 10 app and web browser . None will control volume remotely now.


Is it possible its on Xbox side?


I’m having the same issue, and I recently just updated to IOS14. I’m not sure if that’s related or not but I hope this issue is resolved soon please.

Recently can no longer control volume of Spotify on Xbox One via my PC (Windows10) Spotify app even after re installing apps on both. This is since last Spotify update on PC.

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