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Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect

Can't control volume on Xbox via Connect






LG Q6 Alpha

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Android/Xbox One


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A week ago i was able to adjust my Xbox's Spotify volume from my phone, but today i was trying the same but i can't, any solutions? Already uninstalled from Xbox and my phone and re-installed it

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Hey folks,


Writing with some good news 🙂 


The option to control the volume on your Xbox via Connect is now available.


Check the news here. Cheers!

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This is unacceptable just give us the option again.

I don’t understand why this fix is taking so long. I absolutely hate that I can’t use this feature anymore. I’m considering switching music playing platforms. This is the worst change that could of been made. Should of at least made it an option where we could choose to have this feature or not. Making us start a new thread for a old feature in the “new ideas” section is stupid. 

Just gonna add myself as another customer who's unhappy with this response.  It's a music app and the volume control was removed.

Look at the support page regarding this.

"Here you can change your music selection, skip songs, play/pause, or adjust the volume."


Check this out,
Please follow the link and like the idea so they fix it.

What a terrible decision by the development team and what a terrible response to your customers. We shouldn't have to submit a "new idea" for a feature that was taken away from us. "We appreciate your patience while we looked into this." is yet another bad response that just put salt into the wound. Has anyone else from Spotify seen these threads?? We're not showing any patience nor should we. Give us, your paying customers, our feature back.

What an unhelpful response.

  • This is not a "new" feature, it clearly existed before and people liked it
  • Please comment on WHY the feature was removed and WHEN is may be replaced

Everyone go and vote here! We are over halfway

Hey folks,


Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly shed some light on the situation.


We can confirm that this is currently the expected behavior of the app. If you would like to suggest a change and allow for volume control on Xbox via Connect, we recommend that you submit a new idea for it in the Idea Exchange.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

Mihail Moderator
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Hi there,

That is the EXACT same reply the last moderator posted about a week ago, have you read previous comments in the thread?

Thanks for taking the time to answer but no - that does not help us any further

We ALREADY have a thread on idea and are 200 likes away from the 600 needed

Just to let you know - this customer service has been the worst I've experienced in memory

Please stop giving us the same terrible response , it's only making people angry (completely understand why, after three weeks of this ridiculous back and forth where nobody at Spotify is capable of reading the comments and people's issues)

Mihail is this a joke?

Is this a serious reply right now? Holy **bleep** the state of whoever is
replying to these threads is really pissing me off a d pushing me to cancel
my service. Not only do you remove a well used feature, not only do you
give a canned **bleep** reply that doesn't really address the issue nor even
offer an apology, but you do it TWICE.

Who the **bleep** is running this department?

This isn't right. I have Spotify on my phone/laptop and usually play music while I'm playing video games. I used to be able to control the volume slider in the Spotify app on the laptop and the volume slider on my phone while connected to the Xbox to lower/raise the music. I can control the percentage of how much music vs. game volume is coming through the headset, but now on 5%, I can't lower/raise the volume when I used to be able to. This is very frustrating because now at 5%, it's still too loud sometimes. Can you please suggest what I am to do?

New thread on IDEAS can be found linked below.


We aren't that far of the 600 votes we need. 


Please vent your frustrations on the new thread to keep the interest going !

Same here. @Peter sorry but your reply is really dissapointing. A lot of people are working from home now, the (premium user) experience should be seamless as earlier. The volume control is essential dont you agree? Please fix this and listen to your customers, textbook 101. Thank you.

NEW IDEA??? hilarious. THIS IS BS
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keep voting up this "new idea" so Spotify staff considers implementing this completely NEW idea that definitely WAS NOT a very useful feature a few weeks ago and suddenly and without explanation disappeared...

Over 1700 votes!!

Well this is great but how did it happen? We were barely getting close to 600 for weeks and all of a sudden it's jumping up like crazy.

I made a post on Reddit and they took care of the rest!

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