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Consistent playlist search-ability across all devices

Consistent playlist search-ability across all devices

I have not always being able to find the "Spotify Picks" from the emails easily on my iphone. I type in the exact title the newsletter lists, and 9 out of 10 times the playlist does not come up and I have difficulty finding it. I am not sure what the issue is. I have had better luck typing it in on my spotify player on my computer, but I rarely use that and it's not convenient for me as it's very slow and I'm not always in front of the computer. I think the playlists should be searchable across media devices in the same manner. Sometimes the titles of the playlists are not even listed on the newsletter exactly as they are on Spotify and they can be hard to find. I am a huge Spotify fan and have been a subscriber for years. It's been frustrating because I do look forward to the Spotify picks and think you are doing great work. I just think the titles should be listed in the emails EXACTLY as they are searchable on Spotify, and maybe even search tested to make sure the playlists come up under the same search terms on an iPhone as on a computer. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this as I have taken the time to type this all out. Taking care of this would greatly improve my user experience. Everything else at the moment is awesome, so keep up the good work!
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That's kinda interesting and looks more like a bug, that's why I've moved it over here in the help section.

Could you maybe tell us what playlist you're exactly looking for on mobile/desktop to get different results? 😉

Playlist search has always been awful for me, not sure why but I can never find what I'm looking for!

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