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Discord Spotify Activity Issue

Discord Spotify Activity Issue



Before anything, I don't want to see the same answer intended for other users on this thread. Everyone who is having trouble with the same problem, I understand how you feel. You scroll down the thread, and you see that one person (could be more idc), typing the same answer to diffrent users asking for help.


No you are not helping, we can obviously read the thread, before we post a comment. Obvisouly some people don't get the memo. Anyways, to my problem.


I am having trouble seeing my spotify activity, let alone anything on discord (that problem is for another day).


Yes, to make it very clear and obvious. I did what I can, i've read many sources from pretty much everywhere and look what I can do, I did my research and tried to find a solution of my own.

Yes, I know how to contact both spotify and discord through twitter, facebook etc. 

Yes, I know my discord/spotify facts and information.

Yes, I've unistalled both discord and spotify.

Yes, I am 110% made sure no background app is running.

Yes, I read many articles based on similar problems.

Yes, I've closed discord on my mobile and even deleted it.

Yes, I've cleared my cookies and my cache. (Cleared Everthing)

No, I do not have any specific characters in my discord name or spotify name causing this issue.

Yes, i've check my connection through the app and browser.

Yes, i've logged out of everything, and did many specific ways of reconnecting and logging in from the app and browser.

Yes, I factory rested my whole computer and cleaned the drive.

No, I am not making another discord or spotifty account.

Yes, I am a premium member of spotify.

Yes, I have "Display Spotify as your status."

Yes, I did this too also link.


Making it clear, and I am too lazy to elaborate. 


This issue never happened, just an innocent little person walking down the street and happens to... why not, play some spotify and check discord. Suddenly, spotify isn't showing up as an activity, let alone any app. 

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Hey @sociallylost.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community, and sorry for the late response! We'll be glad to help you out if you're still experiencing this issue 🙂


Could you first provide us with your Spotify app version? You can find this in the three-dots menu (top-left corner) > Help > About Spotify.


In the meantime, could you make sure that Publish my activity on Spotify (under Settings > Social) is switched on?


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here if you need any further help.

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