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FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"

FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"





Android / PC


My Question or Issue

Hi. I would like to remove a recommended podcast from the "My Shows" category on my spotify home-screen. I watched 3 episodes of a personal podcast (dating advice podcast) and it keeps appearing on my home-screen. You may understand, this is embarrassing, especially when I am on dates and my date wants to use my spotify account.


I understand there is currently no built-in way of doing this, so I would like to know alternative approaches, because I do not want a particular show to pop-up on my home screen.


I have tried:
* Unfollowing the show

* Marking the 3 episodes as unwatched

* Following and watching MANY other podcasts (30+ episodes - in attempt to push the other podcast out)


None of the above has solved the issue - the podcast still appears.



So - now we have to take drastic measures. I would like to know how I can delete my account entirely and start from the beginning, to remove all history from my account. Since spotify refuses to implement this feature (first requested in 2019), I'll have to unsubscribe from my payment subscription, delete my account and create a brand new account. Please let me know how I can achieve this process. Thanks!


I would like to use the same email address if possible - please let me know if this is possible. If not, I'll have to create a new email address.

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I'm hoping the feature is added too but to address you account question you can change the email address in your Spotify account to something else and then create a new Spotify account with your original email address.

If you use gmail you can prefix any text and a plus sign to keep the emails coming to you without creating a new gmail account. ie name[@] is the same gmail account as spotify+name[@]


Thank you <33

I have the same problem. It's insane that you can't get a show to shove off! Spotify has some godawful aspects and I've had enough, I'm switching to Tidal which actually pays artists

Like many who have already posted about the above im shocked and appalled that such a basic feature such as deleting a recently played poscast from your history is missing, especially from such a well established app. I have 18+ poscasts with inappropriate titles are being recommended to my kids on my homepage, its unacceptable that this is allowed to happen. I will be deactivating my account and switching to a rival company such as Deezer who I know has this feature. 

You can remove the show on the Android app by holding on the show picture on the homescreen and selecting " not interested in this show"

I just tried the above comment from User828373, and it doesn't work. If only.


It's crazy you can't customise what comes up on your homescreen.

The comment from User828373 doesn't work for me, too.

Tested on android 13 and latest spotify client Nothing happens when holding on the show picture on the homescreen.


Link to original comment


I listened to "unsolved crimes" podcasts, and it's there for a year.... now the danger is that my 12 years old child is using my spotify account as well. I have a paid account, pay every month my subscribtion on time.

My daugher has asked me about this "crime" postcasts.... SHE IS JUST 12 YEARS OLD!! **bleep**, PLEASE LET ME REMOVE THIS FROM MY "YOUR SHOWS" Spotify will be responsible for if my daughter harm herself because she has been listened to this.

Doesnt work.

this actually did work for me on my pixel 5, android 13, spotify v8.7.68.568 - thank you

um, sorry, "User82837" (not real person/Spotify bot), no you CAN'T do that.  I've used this app for almost eight years, but even a noob can see a long-hold on a Spotify "picture" doesn't bring up a menu of any sort.  Spotty, please go ahead and acknowledge this is a broke and you haven't seen fit to fix it.  Why?  Did somebody say Deezer?  Hmm.  Wonder if their support team gives a s**t.



Hey folks,


What is suggested by @User82837 is not an implemented feature.
You may still leave your Like to the Idea, linked by @LexyLuthor, but there is no current way of completely disregarding a podcast yet.
(Leaving a Like here might also be worth a shot)
Tip: Subscribing to the Idea threads would help you in staying on top of any new updates on the matter.

Thanks for understanding 🙂
We're here for you if any new questions arise!

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If we start giving podcasts a one-star review and commenting that we can't remove this from our home pages, promoters will start getting the idea to Spotify leadership to implement a fix.

It is a simple implementation, just ad a cross to the top where you can 'kill' shows in the your stories part... I am now stuck with an erotic stories banner because somewhere i listened by chance to a few seconds of a show and now my kids have to see it on our shared account. Common spotify, you can do better...

please fix this this issue!!

This is just incredible ! I've got the same problem with an erotic banner on my homescreen, that Ididn't ask for and this is detrimental ! Spotify, please hurry ! do your job and fix this BIG issue ! I'm about to terminate my account payment, so let's go !

Well, with all do respect implement this long over-due feature then. Personally, I'd be more than open to using Spotify as my all-in-one for Musics & Podcasts, however, the fact that there is no user home-screen personalization available, why would I even bother? I've been checking weekly on this... why would I want to explore & listen to new podcasts when - all these podcasts are left in full view to everyone in my car through Apple CarPlay or whoever handles my phone looking for songs? There are great podcasts, but others that are personal and private to me too Spotify. Why would you not give me an option to remove those from my Home Screen, instead leaving me embarrassed and ashamed to pull out my phone & showcase your service? Finally, don't go out of your way responding - I already know the scripting... "You can upvote this comment here... from 2017... maybe we'll look at it, maybe we won't, but it's worth a shot!" (All these companies making millions of dollars that could be capable of making millions more if they just listen to their user base once in a while...)

False, holding the picture on the homescreen is incorrect.  Fail advice. Thanks for nothing.

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