FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"

FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"






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Hi. I would like to remove a recommended podcast from the "My Shows" category on my spotify home-screen. I watched 3 episodes of a personal podcast (dating advice podcast) and it keeps appearing on my home-screen. You may understand, this is embarrassing, especially when I am on dates and my date wants to use my spotify account.


I understand there is currently no built-in way of doing this, so I would like to know alternative approaches, because I do not want a particular show to pop-up on my home screen.


I have tried:
* Unfollowing the show

* Marking the 3 episodes as unwatched

* Following and watching MANY other podcasts (30+ episodes - in attempt to push the other podcast out)


None of the above has solved the issue - the podcast still appears.



So - now we have to take drastic measures. I would like to know how I can delete my account entirely and start from the beginning, to remove all history from my account. Since spotify refuses to implement this feature (first requested in 2019), I'll have to unsubscribe from my payment subscription, delete my account and create a brand new account. Please let me know how I can achieve this process. Thanks!


I would like to use the same email address if possible - please let me know if this is possible. If not, I'll have to create a new email address.

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I'm hoping the feature is added too but to address you account question you can change the email address in your Spotify account to something else and then create a new Spotify account with your original email address.

If you use gmail you can prefix any text and a plus sign to keep the emails coming to you without creating a new gmail account. ie name[@] is the same gmail account as spotify+name[@]


Thank you <33


I have the same problem. It's insane that you can't get a show to shove off! Spotify has some godawful aspects and I've had enough, I'm switching to Tidal which actually pays artists


Like many who have already posted about the above im shocked and appalled that such a basic feature such as deleting a recently played poscast from your history is missing, especially from such a well established app. I have 18+ poscasts with inappropriate titles are being recommended to my kids on my homepage, its unacceptable that this is allowed to happen. I will be deactivating my account and switching to a rival company such as Deezer who I know has this feature. 


You can remove the show on the Android app by holding on the show picture on the homescreen and selecting " not interested in this show"


I just tried the above comment from User828373, and it doesn't work. If only.


It's crazy you can't customise what comes up on your homescreen.

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