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Hello, Can I block specific artists even if they are featured in a playlist?

Hello, Can I block specific artists even if they are featured in a playlist?

I am linked to my facebook and even though I generally make my own playlists featuring the music I like ofcourse, sometimes I just listen to the top100 because I want to hear diffrent things, the problem is the occasional Justin Bieber, Nickleback, One Direction etc. which I don't want to hear/listen to.


Is there anyway to block those artists so their songs can't be played anymore.


I use Spotify Premium if that is helpful information



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Hey there!

Welcome to the community. People have requested something like this previously, and we're collecting votes for this over on our Ideas board right here

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Upvoted, Thanks!

And people ask me: Why don't you get premium if you really like it?

And I answer: On my Winamp, I didn't had to skip, because there were no music that I did not like. I simply won't ever pay to only "be able to skip MORE tracks".

Others: But the quality of the music is better and you have no ADS.

Me: Ads take 30sec, some are funny and I laugh at it. Better quality? I do love music, and that's why I enjoy doing other things while listening to music, better quality won't matter. And being able to skip more... I don't want to waste time skipping music, I love radios so I can DISCOVER more music/artists but some that I already KNOW, and I really DO NOT WANT to hear, is a pain in the @$$ having to stop what you're doing to "skip" a song...

Netflix don't make me watch what I don't like, it don't even suggest it to me. May no be about music, but as a service..


And by the way, in MY opinion I think it's disrespectful to say "solved" when it's a LIE, I came here looking for a possible SOLUTION and not to see that you guys are saying that you "may" (most surely NOT) implement it.

Topics are marked solved by community members, not Spotify. 😉 

I agree this is a much needed feature, but they I guess if you take the winamp example you can just listen to your own playlists (which is a fair comparison).

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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Yeah, but it is Spotify fault for not having a way to contest the solve status.

If you did not got it, I'm not using winamp because I want to discover new music/artist etc, I'm not reveling here, but in my country Spotify started the testing stage, and by quantity, not quality I HATE most of my country music, but basically the genre, I am getting ADS for bands, music and genres that makes my dark side appear, because I really really really really hate it.

Its like I was an chocoholic and spotify is only advertising beers, and I never listened any kind of that music on spotify. I was so happy when I got the news it was coming here, now I'm screaming, "Please Pandora, come here, spotfy is doing every single thing wrong". And I want to call spotify attention, these music I hate, and you don't stop advertising, is for people that is afraid to spend money online, and the people that don't like these music are the ones that spend... I know because I teach the computes basics to these people..


And about using my own play lists on winamp, I used do download from torrent, but since I make my own money, I stopped that, but download and organizing files, some with DRM some without (when legally acquiring them) is a pain, and since I want to discover, I don't want to waste money with music that I may not like before hearing it.

I want to block Justin Bieber, never show up again!

Unfortunately it's not possible @dellelce , heck I would definitely have him blocked too haha! Be sure to add your vote to the Ideas topic Meredith posted above.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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Justing Bieber occuring in a playlist also got me looking for  way to block artists. 🙂

+1 for bieber blocking.. 🙂

The same thing happened to me, it´s painful 

+1 Bieber blocking!

+1 for blocking bieber

LOL. Me 2. That would be the first to enter my "BLOCKED ARTIST" list.

+1 for blocking justin bieber

hahaha that's so funny,


the main reason i started looking for this blicking artist feature is to be able to block justin beiber, funny enough everyone here wants to block him, maybe spotify should just remove him from their servers and not worry about building a blocking feature, that should fix the problem too hey?



+1 for erasing Bieber

+1 for blocking (or erasing) Bieber (and Nickelback as well)


Too bad that spotify doesn't care about the community. The feature request is in "not right now" state for more than 4 years now, which means literally "never" as far as I know spotify so far.

has this been solved.  it is hard to use this app because there are 2 artists I can not stand and for some reason spotify must think i love them.  everytime i give the artist's song a thumbs down it seems spotify finds more tracks from that artist.  then if i change stations i have to go though all that bs again. 

Four years later. How 'bout now??


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