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How to save music to Gear S2

How to save music to Gear S2


I know similar questions have been asked but I still am not able to do this.

I want to save Spotify playlist to my Gear S2 to listen to whule running so I don't need to carry my phone.

Have: Premium plan

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Gear S2

Latest updates on all.

I see others say they have an Off line mode in Spotify on their Gear S2. Is that correct as I do not find that. Am I just missing it. 

How do the playlist get downloaded to the Gear S2?

In the Gear app on the phone the Spotify music does not show up to sync so I assume the Spotify app must present the music files to the Gear S2.

Thank You in advance for your assistance.

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I got the Gear s3, but I assume you should do the same. So basically all you got to do is:


1. Create a playlist on your phone\PC\tablet.

2. Download spotify from the gear store. 

3. Log in into your Spotify account, on the gear app.

4. Then touch: Your music>Your playlist> the playlist you already created.

5. Then, you will see on the top of your playlist, a "download" button. Photo is added. 


Just so you know, the software got a lot of bugs, as I have elaborated on:


have fun 🙂 



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