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LG TV - Distorted sound

LG TV - Distorted sound








Operating System

WebOS 04.10.45


My Question or Issue

I experience bad sound quality with distortion on the S/PDIF (optical) outuput through a receiver, no matter the volume.

This is only noticeable on the Spotify app, every other app or media plays just fine.


I've contacted LG support asking for a solution and even linked them this thread.

In the thread mentioned the problem was solved with a firmware update provided by LG, but now they affirm that it was many years ago and that the TV OS was completely different so I had to expose the problem directly to Spotify.

Here it is.

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I have the same situation as yours, this kind of distorted issue had been for a while almost 2 months. I don't think there is anyone is working on to solve this issue. Even I call LG TV support they always saying they are trying to improve but there is no progress till now. Didn't see any version update on my LG TV, the only solution is to buy another TV I thought.

I have the same problem. Theoretically I think it should sound better on the LG for me, but in reality it distorts as if they have to much ”gain” on it. Only through Spotify though. Or at least that's only when I notice it. 

Same problem (still) here. LG OLED55C8LLA with web OS 05.10.45.
I also connected LG TV via optical to external receiver with speakers. Within the LG Spotify app a sound nightmare. Only when connecting mobile via bluetooth to receiver I get a super sound since I can set it in phone app.

Anyhow, as a premium user I EXPECT such setting in the LG app as well. Please advice soon.

Me to through my Onkyo NR 6100 receiver direct through wifi. and a LG TV.

Some music (blues) will be perfectly clean then a next song will sound hissie rattely like a old analogue FM radio station too far from the transmitter. Making me think there was something wrong with all 7.1 of my 6 mo. old very nice speakers.

Because it sounds random from one song to the next, I wonder if it's the recording or the transmission from Spot?

U might be disappointed with the new TV too. I get the same distortion from my Onkyo Receiver without the LG TV being turned on. If I listen to it carefully with headphones on my PC and Cell phone I can vaguely hear it too when looking for it leading me to believe it comes from the recording or transmission. I would imagine some tech person would have a name for it. I don't remember hearing it on CDs it was noticeable on vinyl LP's back in the day.


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