[Mobile][Search] Search engine problems

[Mobile][Search] Search engine problems


The Spotify search engine really falls short of the rest of the app. Sometimes a song that is on Spotify doesn’t show up at all. For instance, “Believe” by Bruno Mali kid wouldn’t show up at all when I typed Believe. Not one of the results showed was this song. Other times, I’ve perfectly typed the name of a song, correct spelling etc, and it glitched, saying there are no results / couldn’t find. I typed it slowly one letter at a time and results only showed when I got to a certain partial spelling. Spelling out the whole name didn’t work. Also, if you don’t type the song name exactly, it doesn’t find the song, usually. Maybe you guys can learn from google? I usually have to google a song to find the exact spelling to get your search to work. Thanks for listening.  ✌️

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