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[PS3] Spotify app won't load

[PS3] Spotify app won't load

Hello, Community


I've been facing this issue for about a month or so, and for what I've found online on Sony forums, many other PS3 users have been through the same.


When I open the Spotify app on my PS3 i get stuck on the screen with the 3 dots, as if it was loading, but it never does. The system is operating normally as you can see the dots "blinking", but the app never starts. 


I checked for possible solutions and tried them all: reinstalling the app, logging out/in my PSN account, checking the available storage (over 50GB available), making sure my device had a 'system name'... basically everything, but the problem is not solved yet.


I don't know if this is a general bug or what, but is there any other procedure I can do for now? Or just waiting for some patch that will fix it eventually (what seems to be taking forever, unfortunatelly 😞 ).


Thanks for your help.

1 Reply

If its anything like the ps4 bug it has to do with the language on your Playstation. Change it to English and spotify will start working again.

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